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PPE Fact Sheet (continued)

Foot Protection approval stamp alone does not neces- sarily mean the footwear offers protec- Workers must wear protective footwear when there is a risk of foot injury from sharp items or falling/rolling objects—or when electrical hazards are present. As with hard hats, always follow the manu- facturer’s instructions for cleaning and main- tenance of footwear. Remember that cuts, holes, worn soles, and other damage can reduce protection. tion from electrical hazards.) Note that footwear made of leather must be kept dry to protect you from electrical haz- ards, even if it is marked "EH." FOOT PrOTECTION What about non-electrical hazards?

How do I choose the right footwear?

The footwear must be ANSI approved. ANSI approval codes are usually printed inside the tongue of the boot or shoe. Footwear will be marked "EH" if it is approved for electrical work. (The ANSI

All ANSI approved footwear has a protective toe and offers impact and compression protection. But the type and amount of protection is not always the same. Different footwear protects you in different ways. Check the product’s labeling or consult the manufacturer to make sure the footwear will protect you from the hazards you face.

Don’t take risks because you are wearing PPE. PPE is the last line of defense against injury!

ANSI Z41 = ANSI footwear protection standard PT = Protective Toe section

of the standard 91 = year of the standard

(in this example 1991)

C = Compression rating This code is more complex than the others. Here is how to read it:

30 = 1,000 pounds; 50 = 1,750; 75 = 2,500 (in this example)

M = Male footwear (F = Female footwear)

I = Impact rating (75 foot pounds in this example—can also be 30 or 50)

EH = protection from Electrical Hazards

Mt = Metatarsal (top of the foot) protection rating (75 foot pounds in this example—can also be 30 or 50)

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