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Glossary of Terms

ampacity maximum amount of current a wire can carry safely without over- heating

amperage strength of an electrical current, measured in amperes ampere (amp) unit used to measure current

arc-blast explosive release of molten material from equipment caused by high-amperage arcs

arcing luminous electrical discharge (bright, electrical sparking) through the air that occurs when high voltages exist across a gap between conductors

AWG American Wire Gauge—measure of wire size

bonding joining electrical parts to assure a conductive path

bonding jumper conductor used to connect parts to be bonded

circuit complete path for the flow of current

circuit breaker overcurrent protection device that automatically shuts off the current in a circuit if an overload occurs

conductor material in which an electrical current moves easily

CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation—emergency procedure that involves giving artificial breathing and heart massage to someone who is not breathing or does not have a pulse (requires special training) current movement of electrical charge

de-energize shutting off the energy sources to circuits and equipment and depleting any stored energy

double-insulated equipment with two insulation barriers and no exposed metal parts

energized (live, “hot”) similar terms meaning that a voltage is present that can cause a current, so there is a possibility of getting shocked

fault current any current that is not in its intended path

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