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The City of separately in expenditures,

Sulphur maintains thirteen individual governmental funds.

Information is presented

the governmental fund balance sheet and changes in fund balances for the

and in the governmental fund statement of revenues, general fund and sales tax fund, which are considered

to be major funds. Data from the other eleven governmental funds are combined into a presentation. Individual fund data for each of these non-major governmental funds form of combining schedules elsewhere in this report.

single, aggregated is provided in the

The basic governmental fund financial statements are presented on pages 21 through 23 of this report.

Proprietary funds. The City of Sulphur maintains two different types of proprietary funds, Enterprise funds are used to report the same functions presented as business-type activities in the government-wide financial statements. The City uses an enterprise fund to account for its water and sewer services. Internal service funds are an accounting device used to accumulate and allocate costs internally among the City's

various functions.

The City of Sulphur uses an internal service

compensation program. Because this type functions, it has been included statements.

service predominantly benefits within governmental activities

fund to account for its governmental rather than in the government-wide

workers* business- financial

Proprietary funds provide the same type of information as the government-wide financial statements, only in more detail. The proprietary fund financial statements provide separate information for the water and sewer services and the workers* compensation program, both of which are considered to be major funds of the City of Sulphur,

The basic proprietary fund financial statements are presented on pages 24 through 27 of this report.

NOTES TO THE BASIC FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. The notes provide additional information essential to a full understanding of the data provided in the government-wide and fund financial statements. The notes to the financial statements can be found on pages 28 through 46 of this report.

OTHER INFORMATION. In addition to the basic financial statements and accompanying notes, this report also presents certain required supplemental informationconcerning the City's budget presentations. Budgetary comparison schedules are included as "required supplemental information** for the general fund and the sales tax fund. These statements demonstrate compliance with the City's adopted and final revised budget. Required supplemental information can be found on pages 48 through 49 of this report.

The combining statements referred to earlier in connection with non-major governmental funds are presented immediately following the required supplementary information. Combining and individual fund statements for non-major funds can be found on pages 51 through 56 of this report.


As noted earlier, net assets may serve over time as a useful indicator of a government's financial position. At the close of the most recent fiscal year, the City of Sulphur's assets exceeded liabilities by $104.3 million.

The largest portion of the City's net assets (84.9 percent) reflects its investment in capital assets (e.g., land, buildings, machinery, and equipment), less any related debt (still outstanding) that was used to acquire those assets. The resources needed to repay this debt must be provided from other sources, since the capital assets themselves cannot be used to liquidatethese liabilities. The City uses capital assets to provide services to citizens; consequently, these assets are not available for future spending.

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