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We take security seriously at Netop. Our award-winning solutions look beyond encryption to ensure that your critical data is protected and proprietary information remains private. Netop security begins with industry-leading 256 bit AES encryption or 2048 bit dynamic key exchange using the Diffie-Hellman method. Netop Security Server then employs an additional three layers of security defining who has access, what they are allowed to do once they have access, and finally documenting what happened during a remote control session.

KeY FeatUReS

  • Centralized management of security

  • Advanced rights management

  • Highly scalable

  • All remote activity can be logged locally or centrally

  • All remote sessions can be screen recorded

  • Integrates with existing infrastructure such as Directory Services, RSA SecurID, Smart Cards etc.

WebConnect is the firewall-friendly connection server. Enable WebConnect and the Host will continuously send a ‘here I am’ message to WebConnect. The Guest will automatically connect to WebConnect and a connection is easily established. And because all connections are outbound, you don’t have to worry about configuring firewalls, proxies or routers. Unlike Web-based remote access services WebConnect can be installed on your network giving you 100% control of the security. No third-party storage of login credentials or traffic data.

KeY FeatUReS

  • Installed on your network

  • No third-party storage of information

  • Overcomes connectivity issues through firewalls, proxies or routers

  • High security

  • Ad-hoc connection using one- time service ticket

  • Communication using HTTP, port 80

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