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Take any device.

Take it anywhere. Take full control.

KeY FeatUReS

  • Remote control from your mobile device

  • Remotely control mobile devices and embedded systems

  • Request help from configurable hot key

  • Bidirectional file transfer

  • Automatic connection and recovery

  • Log sessions locally or centrally

  • Easy installation and configuration

Netop Mobile & Embedded was designed to help you keep your workforce on the move and your embedded systems up and running. Netop Mobile & Embedded features full remote support for handheld devices and embedded systems including bidirectional file transfer, hardware and software inventorying, event logging and industry-leading security. Plus, you can perform complex remote control from your handheld devices. Netop Mobile & Embedded gives you a swift and secure solution to minimize downtime and maximize support efficiency.

FaSteR inCident ReSolUtion Because no third-party servers are used to route the traffic, the traffic pattern is more straightforward and connectivity problems are more easily resolved.

leSS downtiMe, MoRe pRodUCtive eMploYeeS When issues are instantly resolved employees can get right back to work.

Rapid Roi Reduced support costs through increased productivity and the ease of implementation. The result: a rapid return on investment.

inCReaSed USeR SatiSFaCtion Users get their support problems solved quickly and with minimum frustration.

FlexibilitY on tHe Road Support users even when you are on the move through your handheld PC or Smartphone.

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