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set up the dynamic that she is doing stuff to please you the easier it will be to BLOW HER MIND in the bedroom later! Haha

3) Order for her at dinner. Tell her she should “trust you”, but to let you know if there is anything she doesnt like. Then order some fun things to share. The restaurant doesnt have to be expensive and doesnt have to be fancy, as long as you make it ROMANTIC. Either sit next to her, or play footsies if youre sitting across from her. Be sure to tell her a couple things you SPECIFICALLY like about her – both her person- ality and her looks.

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      Get her used to YOU being the leader by leading her around. Grab her hand and pull her through a crowd of people. When you are walk- ing down a sidewalk gently grab her shoulders to switch spots with her so you are closest to the curb (women LOVE this one!). Open her door then take her hand to help her out. At a surprise moment in your date, grab her hand and twirl her around like you are dancing. This little gestures show her you are a gentlemen, but also the MAN and in charge! Its a potent combination that gets a girl hot and horny for you every time!

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    Prime the Bedroom for Sex

This is pretty simple. Make sure you have clean sheets on the bed, no pets can enter the bedroom, and the tv is OFF. Put on some nice music (John Mayer is always good), dim the lights (very important so she doesnt get self-conscious) and light a candle or 2 (dont overdue it). Think classy, simple, and sexy, and it will make her feel sexy and RELAXED.

Now for the REALLY fun stuff!

Ok, now that she is primed and ready... here are the sexual techniques and the EXACT lines to copy to give your girl an Ultra Intense Orgasm. But, remember, only use this if its a girl you REALLY like…because after you do this she WILL want sex with you all the time !

Here is the step by step guide to the sex techniques and lines to say to give her an ultra intense orgasm:

Lots of teasing when you get home and not yet starting to have sex. Tease her by kissing her and then stopping to do something else (like turning on music or opening a bottle of wine.) Do it repeatedly!

Now get to your bedroom and kiss for AT LEAST 20 minutes while FULLY CLOTHED. This amount of foreplay while still clothed is going to communicate other that you REALLY INTO her. The extended emotional foreplay (the 3 steps above) COMBINED with 20 minutes of kissing fully clothed will make even the most uptight woman SUPER RELAXED and turned on for you!

-Now get her down to her bra and panties and kiss for a full 10 minutes more! I

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