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know this sounds crazy, like EXCESSIVE making out but this order and amounts of time is VERY important. Break up the kissing by complimenting her on her kissing skills and telling her how hot she is. Now that you are kissing her while you are both in your underwear she is going to KEEP the relaxation you have given her but also get HIGHLY aroused.

  • Now you are going to take her arousal back down a bit in order build it even higher in the step :) Leave her bra and panties on and place her face down on the bed. You should be naked. Sit on her butt and rub her shoulders and neck while you lean forward and your upper body makes contact with her back. Massage her with the same amount of force you would squeeze out some toothpaste. Not too soft, not too hard. Kiss the base of her neck, stroke her hair and rub her entire body OTHER than her R and X-rated zones. About half way through, remove her bra. After at least ten minutes of massage (during which time also tell her how much she turns you AND how much you like her !) turn her over and SLOWLY take off her panties.

  • Now proceed to go down on her by lightly and slowly licking her clit. Dont worry about giving her an orgasm just maintain an light and slow pace build her excite- ment slowly :) Continue until she is bucking her hips and wants your mouth even more. For every girl this is a different amount of time.

  • Next place her in missionary and put yourself inside her very very slowly. Take a )8// 0,187( WR HQWHU KHU 7KLV VSHFLÀF ZDLW LV JRLQJ WR PDNH KHU 9(5< KRUQ\ for you... so DO NOT RUSH THIS!! :) Start thrusting VERY SLOWLY in mission- ary position while making strong eye and kissing her... but ALTERNATE your thrusts with a few shallow for every one deep “Make love to her” do not “fuck” her. Continue until she starts moving her hips and gesturing for you to go faster and harder :)

  • Pull her on top of you and have her ride you. But hug her VERY tightly and pull her head down next to yours. Again go slowly and tell her how into her you are and how crazy she drives you. Keep the pace slow and very romantic. When she again hits the point where she tries to pull back up to ride you faster you are going to unleash the beast! Heres what to do next:

  • Say, “Baby, lm so into you and now I want to show you how into you I am by fucking you VERY hard!” Position her back into missionary but this time its a bit different...

  • Proceed to thrust with reckless abandon! Tell her how much youve been want- LQJ WR GR WKLV EXW \RX ZDQWHG WR ÀUVW VKRZ KHU KRZ PXFK \RX OLNH KHU RU KRZ much you love her if its your wife or girlfriend!) The way that you have set the stage by arousing her romantically in the rest of the steps makes this VERY powerful. She is now TOTALLY relaxed and you told her the reason you are fucking so hard if because you like her so much! Your fucking her REALLY hard but with the emotions of romantic lovemaking ! She will LOVE IT :)

  • Continue thrusting as hard as you can and when she seems like she is about to come, tell her. “Baby, I want to feel you come on me.” At this point she should be able to come ALL OVER YOU.

$QG WUXVW PH DQG WUXVW WKLV VSHFLÀF VHTXHQFH RI VWHSV WKDW WKLV ZLOO EH the MOST intense orgasm of her life. Let the sequence work for you, just



sure to pull her on top of you, give her a big kiss, and tell her special she is to you! That way she will be so into that Ultra Intense Orgasms will get

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