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Scavenger Hunt Rules and Regulations

1. The Team That Stays Together. Your team must stay together at all times. You may not split up to “divide” tasks.

2. Playing Fair. Have fun and try to win. But don’t let your competitive instincts drive you to ruin other peoples’ chances to win (you’re the one we’re worried about, Kyle). If you do, your team will be disqualified. That means no sabotaging, lying, cheating, stealing, or copying other people’s work.

3. Cheaters Never Win. If anyone on your team cheats or breaks the rules (see the “Collegewise Scavenger Hunt Rules and Regulations” you are holding in your hand), the whole team gets disqualified, not unlike what’s about to happen to USC if Reggie Bush turns out to have accepted money, cars and homes while still in college.

4. If You Fight the Law (and the Law Wins). You’re here to have fun, but to do so legally. And Kevin really, really does not want to get sued. So here it is. If you break any laws at any time during any portion of the scavenger hunt, your team will be disqualified. This includes, but is not limited to, moving violations, trespassing, burglary, larceny, embezzlement, grand theft, petty theft, shoplifting, assault, plagiarism, blackmail, indecent exposure, decent exposure, recent exposure, having a concealed firearm, unlawfully discharging a firearm, unlawful sale of a firearm, brandishing a weapon, bribery, forgery, perjury, fraud, computer fraud, mail fraud, telemarketing fraud, tax evasion, tax fraud, insurance fraud, securities fraud, and bad hair. Seriously, if you get so much as a speeding ticket, you lose.

5. Appeals. There is no appeals process in Collegewise scavenger hunts. There is also no crying. There’s no crying in Collegewise scavenger hunts!

6. Judges. The judges will be judging you. Especially Jennifer. She’s been judging you since the day you started here.

7. Late Loses. Your team, in its entirety, must return to the specific location no later than

the specified time as specified by the judges. The judges requirements in this area will be specific.

8. Decisions . All decisions by the judges are final. No exceptions.

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