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Collegewise Scavenger Hunt

What you will need: one (1) digital camera per person to record what you scavenge for the judges, a map of the UCI campus, a general knowledge of swashbuckling, and a copy of the 2008 Collegewise Scavenger Hunt list.

Remember, your team must stay together for the entire duration of the hunt.

Marion Morrison is a USC alum. Find him at the Orange County airport and take a picture with him. 1 point

There are several different housing groups on the UCI campus. On the corner of Campus Dr. and California Dr. you’ll find the two Greek houses that held both Jennifer and Kevin during their time at UCI. Take a picture in front of each of the houses. Bonus points if you get a picture with a member of Jennifer’s sorority or Kevin’s fraternity. 2 points

Take a picture with a fireman who is not either related to or living with Kyle. or she must be in uniform, holding a badge, or showing other proof of firefighting employment. 2 points


A horse. A kingdom for my horse. Or an anteater. Produce an anteater at dinner to get points for this one. It need not be alive (and the vegetarian in our group would probably rather we not slaughter one for the purposes of a scavenger hunt), so a fake one will do. 3 points

Rumor has it that Apple pays Ponny 99 cents every time he listens to a song. But it’s a fact that you’ll get 5 points for a photo of a teammate listening to a song in an Apple store. 2 points

Photograph one of your teammates with a person wearing a sweatshirt from any college or university. 1 point

Donald Bren’s kids shouldn’t have a hard time getting in to UCI. Photograph yourself with Peter the Anteater. UCI’s mascot can be found waiting for a hug from you outside the place where, if we were to attend an event with Donald Bren and his kids, we would go. 2 points

Some say that Jennifer has a lot of best friends. Some would also say that during the months of August through November said best friends can be found very

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