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near by holding spoons of a golden hue. Photograph a member of your team with one of these people. 1 point

Show that your mom really does go to college. Interpret this any way you like. 3 points

Liv Tyler and Viggo Mortensen went here on film. Some UCI students go here to live. Five bonus points for a picture with a hobbit, Pippin or Shadowfax. 2 points

There’s only one place on campus that has a large number of palm trees. Engineer a picture of a palm frond for the judges at dinner. 2 points

Bring Kevin something to do with John 3:16. Animal style. 1 point

Everyone here loves Trader Joe’s. Everyone but Kevin, who swears they are always out of everything Trader Joe’s fans claim to buy there that are so tasty. Prove him wrong by visiting a Trader Joe’s and taking photographs of the following items: gluten free ginger snaps, shaving cream, English muffins (extra sour), refrigerated pizza sauce, carrot cake, organic alphabet pasta, and a cappuccino craving cake. The more items they have, the more points you get. So, how much do YOU trust Trader Joe’s? Enough to make the trip? 3 points

There aren’t a lot of liberals in Orange County, so if you find one, take a picture

of a bumper sticker (it must be on a car) advocating a 2008 democratic

presidential candidate.

3 points

Kyle drinks the same drink from the same fast food restaurant every morning. Purchase one of these drinks (it can be a small size, even though Kyle buys the bucket size). 2 points

Many post-work eats, drinks and chats have been had by Collegewisers at this restaurant that is so close by it's right-here-o. Take a picture of two of your teammates walking like Egyptians in front of the restaurant. 1 point

We've got two great essay specialists that live nearby--Amy and Drew. Take a picture with one, get five points. Take a picture of each of them, get 10 points. Take a picture with BOTH together, get 10 points. 3 points

One of Kevin's first students wrote an essay describing that, before his trip to Spain, he had never once danced in public. That essay finished with the sentence, “In life, every now and then, you've just got to dance a little bit." Think

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