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a stranger will agree? Take a picture of a member of your team dancing with a stranger. Each teammate who submits a picture dancing with a different stranger will earn points. 3 points

Take a photo of a team member playing Dance Dance Revolution. Bonus points if the team member in the photo is playing with someone who is not on your team. 3 points

Locate a photograph of Arun that appears online and is NOT on the Collegewise blog. It cannot be a photo that was taken or uploaded after the beginning of the scavenger hunt. If you find one, take a photo of the photo. That will be your proof that you found the online equivalent of the Loch Ness monster. 3 points

Have one team member replace his/her myspace or facebook (one or the other, no extra points for both) main photo with a photo of Carrot Top. Bonus points if he’s shirtless. In order to verify the switch, the judges will log on and see if you’ve actually done this. 2 points

Quotation ID QUIZ

Kevin was an English major in college. Many of his exams included substantial “quotation identification” sections in which he had to identify both the book and the character who said the quote. Had those quotation sections tested movies as opposed to the classic work from the likes of Faulkner, Chaucer and Tolstoy, Kevin would have made the dean’s list every semester.

Can you make the deans list? Each of the following is a quotation from a movie character played by Vince Vaughn. Name both the movie and the character’s first name. Movies will not appear more than once. 2 points per correct identification.

  • A.

    “You and I both know I’m a phenomenal dancer!”

  • B.

    (While playing a video game online against a kid) “Do you think there's a chance your mom won't love you anymore when she sees how badly you're getting beaten right now?”

  • C.

    “This guy’s playing hardball. And I’ve gotta admit. I’m kind of impressed.”

  • D.

    “Allright, I’ll ask her. ‘Miss? Miss? Do you know where the high school girls

hang out around here?’”


“There’s someone out there for everybody. In some cases, there’s two somebody’s for one person. I like to call that ‘the jackpot’.”

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