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The Ukiah

Mendocino County’s local newspaper


Tomorrow: Rain


April 10, 2006


16 pages, Volume 148 Number 1

email: udj@pacific.net

A v o i d L a t e F e e s ! M a k e P a y m e n t s A u t o m a t i c F R E E M o under review Senate Bill 840 would provide health care for all California residents Senate Bill 840, the California health insurance reliability act, was proposed by Senator Sheila Kuehl and would provide health insur- ance for all residents of California by funneling all health insurance payments through a single state agency. passed a similar law. Center, will speak to the financial impact of the bill on local healthcare. Richard Ralston, President of Americans for free choice in medicine, will speak to prob- lems with the bill. A panel of experts will be present at the meeting to speak on the many different aspects of healthcare. Ukiah physician Dr. Jim Katzel will talk about his experiences working in Canada where they have a similar health care system. Sara Rogers, health consul- tant from Kuehls office, will talk about the legislative aspects of the bill. Attendees are encouraged to bring questions and curios- ity . A question and answer session will follow the pre- sentation. By BEN BROWN The Daily Journal “There will be many dif- ferent viewpoints on the panel,” Nanna said. The Mendocino County Health Planning Council is sponsoring an educational meeting, Tuesday, on a bill currently in the state senate that would create a single- payer health care system in California. Several medical profes- sionals will present different views on the healthcare bill during the meeting. Presenters include Mark LaRose, President and CEO of Ukiah Valley Medical Health Planning Council Nancy Nanna said the current system that involves many insurance companies is both inefficient and expensive. The meeting will be held from 1 p.m. until 3 p.m., Tuesday at the Ukiah City Council Chambers. The Daily Journal North Coast Congressman Mike Thompson filed a Freedom of Information Act request with NOAA Fisheries Friday, asking for all docu- ments pertaining to federal salmon policy dating back to 2001. John Graham, Director of health care studies at the pacific research institute and Ben Brown can be reached at udjbb@pacific.net Massachusetts recently Supes will discuss lodging "It's time to shine a bright light into the shady back- rooms where the Bush Administration has been mak- ing politically motivated deci- sions about the manage- ment of the Klamath," Thompson said in a statement. "These politically motivated decisions are directly responsi- ble for the poor condition of the Klamath and the near loss of this year's salmon season." Money would go into promoting tourism in county Thompson The Daily Journal The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors may take the final action in estab- lishing a lodging Business Improvement District durings its Tuesday meeting. In 2002 the Bush adminis- tration diverted Klamath River water to upper basin farmers -- an act Thompson says the administration did to solidify its political base. These water diversions resulted in a fish kill that claimed 80,000 adult salmon. Experts say the fish kill and parasitic infection, resulting from poor federal management of the river, are responsible for the low salmon returns expected this year, Thompson’s office said. In a 10:15 a.m. timed item, the supervisors will read the resolution with available sup- port from Mendocino County Lodging Association officials. A public hearing will allow lodging owners, and others, to comment. Photos by Isaac Eckel/The Daily Journal The money will be invest- ed into a promotion and mar- keting campaign toward pro- moting Mendocino County as a tourism destination with a lodging focus. Sisters Cindy Gonzalez (left), age 5, and Jailine Gonzalez, age 6, share an umbrella to stay dry in the rain at Bechtol Field on Saturday afternoon. Treading water Thompson's FOIA request would include all administra- tion correspondence pertain- ing to the 2002 decision to divert water and the 2002 fish kill. Supervisor Kendall Smith, as part of her role with the General Government Committee, will present an informational report on the status of voting equipment for the June primary election. The 50 or so Diebold touch- screen voting machines arrived in county on Friday. They will now be individually tested and programmed. Record rainfall has put a damper on many spring activities The request comes amid NOAA Fisheries' continued refusal to provide Congress with a report quantifying the economic impact of last year's shortened salmon season. In a March 29 meeting NOAA officials told Members of Congress that last year's shortened salmon season did not warrant a fisheries disas- ter. By LAURA CLARK The Daily Journal haven’t planted a single thing yet (this spring).” Mary Bell is tired of the rain too, but apparently it hasn’t doused her sense of humor. emember when it only rained cats and dogs? R The machines came to Mendocino County as part of a new federal law that requires touchscreen devices with audio components to be optionally available at every polling location so those with visual or mobility disabilities can vote without assistance. “I’ve developed some webbing between my toes and some feathers on my back,” she said. On a more serious note, she added: “I’m not planting flowers. I’m waiting; I’m hoping over Easter it will clear up so I can get a lit- tle gardening done. Usually this time of year I’ve already got my garden in.” It rained 26 days -- and 11.21 inch- es -- in Ukiah during the month of March, according to the National Weather Service in Eureka. April -- which shed approximately 2.49 inches of rain in the Ukiah area during its first week -- doesn’t look much brighter, according to Weather.com, where the only icon showing sunshine doesn’t appear on the calendar until April 14. Get some rays, because if Weather.com’s fore- cast is accurate, rain follows on April 15, 16, and 17 ... "I have continually asked NOAA fisheries provide to with the data used to me Betty Orsi, who like the others was approached by the Daily Journal out- side Safeway on Saturday, agreed. “I am sick of it. I am ready for some nice sunshine. determine that last year's A possible resolution for- mally recognizing the Mendocino County Public Attorneys Association as a sole recognized employee organization and de-certifica- tion of existing employee organizations. slashed salmon season didn't have a negative economic impact. They have balked each time," Thompson added. "I find it mystifying that the president can declas- sify top secret intelligence information that is harmful to our national security, but his own administration won't pro- vide unclassified information on a topic important to the livelihoods of thousands of Americans up and down the California and Oregon coast." Asked how she spends her time, she said: “Treading water.” “I hate it,” James Leitzell said of the rain. “I just want to get back to work,” he said, noting he has a job in construction. Meanwhile, precipitation is nearing record levels across the state. In late January, the attor- neys filed a petition to form a separate bargaining unit to become civil servants. Unhappiness with pay and benefits was the cause. “Enough,” Ukiahan Steve Frick said when asked how he felt about all this rain. “I’ve got a 13-year-old who’s going nuts; he wants to get outside and play basketball. I’d like to do some yard work; I’ve still got trees I have not pruned. It’s too soggy to walk out in my back yard.” Several others asked, echoed those before them. “I’m sick of it. I want summer to come so I can go tubing on the lake,” Jamie Huerta said. “Aren’t we suppose to be in spring?” Supervisors will also pre- sent proclamations recogniz- ing Child Abuse Prevention Month in Mendocino County and National Workers’ Memorial Day in Mendocino County. A dog looks displeased with the weather as it waits for its owner outside of Safeway dur- v e - I n T r u c k ( w i t h d r i v e r ) S a l m o n p o l i In response to the Pacific Fishery Management Council's decision to limit Instead, she is spending her time “sitting inside the house,” she said. Asked what he and his wife, Jill, were doing this time last year, he said: “We were planting flowers. We c y C o See WATER, Page 16 See SALMON, Page 16 u n t y t o l o o k i n t o n e w h e a l t h p l a n i n g a d o w n Ask For Chelsea For More Details Ukiah Storage p o u r o n S a t u r d a y a f t e r n o o n . 468-0800

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