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Product Data Sheet June 2003

375 Field Communicator

Easy Upgrade allows communication between the 375 Field Communicator and a PC using IrDA. The IrDA port enables transfer of configuration data between the 375 and AMS as well as upgrading of new Device Descriptions and functionality.

  • User upgradeable

New HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices, as well as functional updates to existing devices are introduced continually by device vendors. Keeping up-to-date with the required Device Description drivers for all the devices in your plant can be a real challenge. Now, with the Easy Upgrade option, keeping your communicator updated with the most current Device Descriptions (DD’s) is easy.

As new HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus DD’s become available, download them from the Internet and upgrade your 375 Field Communicator.

In addition, as functional enhancements to the 375 HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus applications become available, download software updates from the Internet and upgrade your 375 Field Communicator. No longer is it necessary to send

your communicator to a service center to have new DD’s or software updates added. No longer is it necessary to be without your communicator while you wait for upgrades. Easy Upgrade lets you update your own 375 Field Communicator. On your site, within your control, when it’s convenient for you.

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