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Product Data Sheet June 2003

375 Field Communicator

375 Field Communicator Ordering Information

Model 375 Code H F Code R Code 1

Product Description Field Communicator (1) Communication Protocol HART HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus Battery Type Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack Power Supply/Recharger

Power Supply/Recharger (90/240 VAC, 50/60Hz, US/UK/EU connection types included)

9 Code E Code KL

None (2) Language English (standard) Approval Certifications

CENELEC/ATEX, FM, CSA Intrinsically Safe (includes FISCO as applicable)

NA Code U

No Approval Easy Upgrade (3) Easy Upgrade Option

(includes unlimited upgrades to System Card for 3 year period)

9 Code

Not Included Options Spare Battery Pack Spare Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack (4)



Expansion Module Configuration Expansion Module (5)

Typical Model Number:

375 H R 1 E KL U

  • (1)

    Base Model 375 includes Field Communicator Unit, System Card, Leadset with Connectors, Carrying Case, Getting Started Guide, User's Manual, 375 Resource CD, Stylus and Straps.

  • (2)

    This option should only be considered if the user already has a 375 Power Supply/Charger. Note: Only 375 Power Supply/Chargers may be used with the 375 Battery Pack.

  • (3)

    The Easy Upgrade capability allows the user to add new System Application software and Device Descriptions (DD’s) to the 375. To upgrade without this feature, the System Card must be sent a Service Center.

  • (4)

    A fully charged battery pack is capable of delivering power for 8 hours of typical field use. If requirements exceed this specification, a second battery pack is recommended.

  • (5)

    The 375 is capable of storing a total of 25 configurations. For increased storage capacity, use the Configuration Expansion Module which is capable of storing in excess of 500 configurations.

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