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receipt. If your application is incomplete, we will notify you and try to complete it within five business days. At the end of this period, if your application is not complete, we will inform you of the reason for the delay. We will immediately return your purchase payment at that time unless you specifically consent to our keeping the purchase payment until the application is complete. Once the application is complete, we will apply the purchase payment and the Premium Credit within two business days of its completion. Additional purchase payments are allocated to a Certificate based on the applicable Sub-account Accumulation Unit Value(s) next determined after we receive it.

We will send you a written notification showing the allocation of all purchase payments and the re-allocation of values after any transfer you have requested. You must notify us immediately of any error. You may contact our Client Service Department at (800) 367-3653. If you fail to notify us within 60 days, we will not assume responsibility for correcting the error.

We will permit others to act on your behalf in certain instances, including:


we will accept an application for a Certificate signed by an attorney-in-fact if we receive a copy of the power of attorney with the application.


we will issue a Certificate to replace an existing life insurance or annuity policy that we or an affiliated company issued even though we did not previously receive a signed application from you for that Certificate.

Certain dealers or other authorized persons such as employers and Qualified Plan fiduciaries may inform us of your responses to application questions by telephone or by order ticket and cause the initial purchase payment to be paid to us. If the information is complete, we will issue the Certificate. We will send you the Certificate and a letter so you may review the information and notify us of any errors. We may request you to confirm that the information is correct by signing a copy of the letter or a Certificate delivery receipt. We will send you a written notice confirming all purchases. Our liability under any Certificate relates only to amounts so confirmed.

Premium Credits

You will receive Premium Credits for both initial purchase payments and subsequent purchase payments. We will let you choose from one or more of three different Premium Credit rates: 3%, 4% or 5% of each purchase payment. The higher Premium Credit rates have a longer Surrender Charge period. You select the Premium Credit rate when you purchase your Certificate, and you cannot thereafter change your selection. The expense charges for this annuity may be higher than the expense charges for annuities that do not offer Premium Credits. We expect to recoup the cost of paying Premium Credits through collections of the surrender charges on the Certificate (which are contingent), as well as our legitimate profits on this and other contracts Sun Life (U.S.) offers. In some circumstances - for example, if you surrender your Certificate while the Surrender Charge still applies to a substantial proportion of your purchase payments - your net proceeds may be lower than if you had purchased one of our other annuities that does not offer Premium Credits. Likewise, over time the amount of the Premium Credits may be offset by higher expenses.

If you return the Certificate to us under the Right to Revoke provisions, we will recapture the Premium Credit. In states that require us to return your purchase payment, you will receive your purchase payment without any Premium Credit. In other states, we will return your purchase payment adjusted for either positive or negative investment experience, without consideration of the Premium Credit.


Allocations of Purchase Payments

We will invest your purchase payments and Premium Credits in the Sub-accounts you have chosen. Your selection must specify the percentage of the purchase payment that is allocated to each Sub-account or must specify the asset allocation model you select. (See "Other Services, The Programs".) The percentage for each Sub-account, if not zero, must be at least 5% and a whole number. You may change the allocation percentages without fee, penalty or other charge. You must notify us in writing of your allocation changes unless you, your attorney-in-fact, or another authorized person has given us written authorization to accept telephone allocation instructions. By allowing us to accept telephone changes, you agree to accept our current conditions and procedures. The current conditions and


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