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procedures are in Appendix B. We will notify you of any changes in advance.

The Variable Account is segmented into Sub-accounts. Each Sub-account contains shares of one of the Eligible Funds. Such shares are purchased at net asset value. We may add or withdraw Eligible Funds and Sub-accounts as permitted by applicable law.

Eligible Funds

The Certificate offers Sub-accounts that invest in a number of Eligible Fund investment options. More comprehensive information about the Eligible Funds, including a discussion of their management, investment objectives, expenses, and potential risks, is found in the current prospectuses for the Eligible Funds (the "Fund Prospectuses"). The Fund Prospectuses should be read in conjunction with this prospectus before you invest. A copy of each Fund Prospectus, as well as a Statement of Additional Information for each Eligible Fund, may be obtained without charge from the Company by calling (800) 752-7215 or by writing to Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (U.S.), P.O. Box 9133, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 02481.

The Eligible Funds may also be available to registered separate accounts offering variable annuity and variable life products of other affiliated and unaffiliated insurance companies, as well as to the Variable Account and other separate accounts of the Company. Although we do not anticipate any disadvantages to this, there is a possibility that a material conflict may arise between the interests of the Variable Account and one or more of the other separate accounts participating in the Eligible Funds. A conflict may occur due to a change in law affecting the operations of variable life and variable annuity separate accounts, differences in your voting instructions and those of other companies, or some other reason. In the event of conflict, we will take any steps necessary to protect you, including withdrawal of the Variable Account from participation in the underlying Eligible Funds which are involved in the conflict or substitution of shares of other Eligible Funds.

Certain of the investment advisers, transfer agents, or underwriters to the Eligible Funds may reimburse us for administrative costs in connection with administering the Eligible Funds as options under the Certificates. These amounts are not charged to you or the Eligible Funds, but are paid from assets of the advisers, transfer agents, or underwriters.

Certain publicly available mutual funds may have similar investment goals and principal investment policies and risks as one or more of the Eligible Funds, and may be managed by a Eligible Fund's portfolio manager(s). While an Eligible Fund may have many similarities to these other funds, its investment performance will differ from their investment performance. This is due to a number of differences between an Eligible Fund and these similar products, including differences in sales charges, expense ratios and cash flows.

Transfer of Variable Account Value

You may transfer Variable Account Value from one Sub-account to another Sub-account and/or to the Fixed Account.

You must notify us in writing of your transfer requests unless you have given us written authorization to accept telephone transfer requests from you or your attorney-in-fact. By authorizing us to accept telephone transfer instructions, you agree to accept our current conditions and procedures. The current conditions and procedures are in Appendix B. You will be given prior notification of any changes. A person acting on your behalf as an attorney-in- fact may make written transfer requests.

If we receive your transfer requests before 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time, we will initiate them at the close of business that day. We will initiate any written requests received after that time at the close of the next business day. We will execute your request to transfer value by both redeeming and acquiring Accumulation Units on the day we initiate the transfer.

If you transfer 100% of any Sub-account's value, and the allocation formula for purchase payments on your application includes that Sub-account, the allocation formula for future purchase payments will automatically change unless you tell us otherwise.

Currently, we do not charge a transfer fee. We reserve the right to charge a fee if you make more than 12 transfers in


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