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any Certificate Year. We will notify you prior to charging any transfer fee or a change in the limitation on the number of transfers. The fee will not exceed $25 per transfer.

Frequent Transfers

The Certificates are not designed for frequent transfer activity. If you wish to employ such strategies, do not purchase a Certificate. Transfer limitations and other restrictions described below, are subject to our ability to monitor transfer activity. Some Certificate Owners and their third party intermediaries engaging in frequent transfer activity may employ a variety of strategies to avoid detection. Despite our efforts to prevent frequent transfer activity, there is no assurance that we will be able to identify such Certificate Owners or intermediaries or curtail their transfer activity.

A failure to detect and curtail short-term trading could result in adverse consequences to the Contract Owners. Short-term trading can increase costs for all Contract Owners as a result of excessive portfolio transaction fees. In addition, short-term trading can adversely affect a Fund's performance. If large amounts of money are suddenly transferred out of a Fund, the Fund's investment adviser cannot effectively invest in accordance with the Fund's investment objectives and policies.

Limitations on Transfers

We discourage frequent transfers of Certificate Value among the Sub-accounts. Accordingly, we have established the following policies and procedures to limit the number and frequency of transfers:


we impose a transfer limit of one transfer every 30 days, or such other period as we may permit with notification of the change to all Certificate Owners prior to its effectiveness, and


we limit each transfer to a maximum of $2,000,000, or such greater amount as we may permit with notification of the change to all Certificate Owners prior to its effectiveness. We treat all transfer requests for a Certificate made on the same day as a single transfer. We may treat as a single transfer all transfers you request on the same day for every Certificate you own. The total combined transfer amount is subject to the maximum limitation. If the total amount of the requested transfers exceeds the maximum, we will not execute any of the transfers.

If we have executed a transfer with respect to your Certificate as part of a multiple transfer request, we will not execute another transfer request for your Certificate for 30 days. Transactions pursuant to optional investment- related programs, such as dollar cost averaging and portfolio rebalancing, are not considered in the application of these limits.

By applying these limitations, we intend to protect the interests of all Certificate Owners invested in the Sub- accounts. We have determined that the actions of individuals engaging in significant transfer activity may adversely affect the performance of the Eligible Fund for the Sub-account involved. The movement of values from one Sub- account to another may prevent the appropriate Eligible Fund from taking advantage of investment opportunities because the Eligible Fund must maintain a liquid position in order to handle redemptions. Such movement may also cause a substantial increase in fund transaction costs which all Certificate Owners must indirectly bear.

Transfer limitations may prevent you from making a transfer on the date you select. This may result in your Certificate Value being lower than it would have been if you had been able to make the transfer.

Waiver of Transfer Limitations

In certain limited situations, we may accommodate transfers more frequent than one every 30 days. Therefore, we reserve the right to waive transfer limitations, where permitted by law and not adverse to the interests of the relevant Eligible Fund and other shareholders, in the following instances:

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when a new broker of record is designated for the Certificate; when the Certificate Owner changes; when control of the Certificate passes to the designated beneficiary upon death of the Owner or



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