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when necessary in our view to avoid hardship to a Certificate Owner; or when Eligible Funds are dissolved or merged or substituted.

We reserve the right to change these limitations and exceptions at any time. Any change will be applied uniformly. We will notify you of any change prior to its effectiveness.

If significant trading activity trading results as a consequence of waiving the transfer limitations, it could expose Contract Owners to certain risks. The significant trading activity could increase costs for all Contract Owners as a result of excessive portfolio transaction fees. In addition, the significant trading activity could adversely affect a Fund’s performance. If large amounts of money are suddenly transferred out of a Fund, the Fund’s investment adviser cannot effectively invest in accordance with the Fund’s investment objectives and policies. Unless the limitations on transfers policy and the permitted waivers of that policy are applied uniformly, some Certificate Owners may experience a different application of the policy and therefore may experience some of these risks. Too much discretion on our part in allowing the waivers of transfer policy could result in an unequal treatment of Certificate Owners by permitting some Certificate Owners to engage in frequent transfers while prohibiting others from doing the same.

Fund Limitations on Transfers

In addition to our transfer limitations, some of the Eligible Funds reserve the right to refuse purchase or transfer requests from the Variable Account if, in the judgement of the Eligible Fund's investment adviser, the Eligible Fund would be unable to invest effectively in accordance with its investment objective and policies, or the request is considered to be part of a frequent trading strategy known as short-term trading. Accordingly, the Variable Account may not be in a position to effectuate some transfers with such Eligible Funds and, therefore, will be unable to process such transfer requests. We also reserve the right to refuse requests involving transfers to or from the Fixed Account.

Substitution of Eligible Funds and Other Variable Account Changes

If shares of any of the Eligible Funds are no longer available for investment by the Variable Account, or further investment in the shares of an Eligible Fund is no longer appropriate under the Certificate, we may add or substitute shares of another Eligible Fund or of another mutual fund for Eligible Fund shares already purchased or to be purchased in the future. Any substitution of securities will comply with the requirements of the Investment Company Act of 1940.

We also reserve the right to make the following changes in relation to the Variable Account and Eligible Funds:


to operate the Variable Account in any form permitted by law;


to take any action necessary to comply with applicable law or obtain and continue any exemption

from applicable law;


to transfer any assets in any Sub-account to another or to one or more separate investment accounts, or to our general account;


to add, combine or remove Sub-accounts in the Variable Account; and


to change how we assess charges, so long as we do not increase them above the current total amount charged to the Variable Account and the Eligible Funds in connection with your Certificate.


Deductions for Certificate Maintenance Charge

We charge an annual certificate maintenance charge of $36 per Certificate Year. This charge reimburses us for our expenses incurred in maintaining your Certificate. We will not raise the certificate maintenance charge.


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