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Value. (See the "Charge for the Optional Death Benefits" provisions for an explanation of how the benefit base and charge are calculated.)

As stated above, the death benefit option charge is a percentage of the applicable benefit base amount. The standard death benefit constitutes a portion of the benefit base amount. Since we charge for the standard death benefit as part of the mortality and expense risk charge, the options potentially charge again for the same benefit whenever the option's benefit base amount is greater than the standard death benefit. If, however, the charge base for the options did not include the standard death benefit, we would need to set the option charge higher than the applicable .15%.

Deductions for Transfers of Variable Account Value

Currently, we do not charge a transfer fee. However, the Certificate allows us to charge up to $25 for each transfer in excess of 12 per year that occurs outside of the optional investment related programs. We will notify you prior to the imposition of any fee.

Deductions for Premium Taxes

We deduct the amount of any premium taxes required by any state or governmental entity. Currently, we deduct premium taxes from Certificate Value upon full surrender (including a surrender for the death benefit) or annuitization. The actual amount of any such premium taxes will depend, among other things, on the type of Certificate you purchase (Qualified or Non-Qualified), on your state of residence, the state of residence of the Annuitant, and the insurance tax laws of such states. Currently such premium taxes range from 0% to 3.5% of either total purchase payments or Certificate Value.

Deductions for Income Taxes

We will deduct income taxes from any amount payable under the Certificate that a governmental authority requires us to withhold. See "Income Tax Withholding" and "Tax-Sheltered Annuities".

Total Variable Account Expenses

Total Variable Account expenses you will incur will be the mortality and expense risk charge, the daily distribution charge, and, if applicable a tax charge factor. (See "Net Investment Factor".)

The value of the assets in the Variable Account will reflect the value of Eligible Fund shares and the deductions and expenses paid out of the assets of the Eligible Funds. The prospectus for the Eligible Fund describes these deductions and expenses.

Certificate Value Deductions

The certificate maintenance charge, surrender charge, the charge for the optional death benefits, transfer fee and premium taxes are each calculated independent of the other charges for purposes of determining the applicable charge amount and/or whether a charge waiver applies. Each charge amount is then deducted from the appropriate value under the Certificate.


The Programs. We offer the following optional investment-related programs under your Certificate, which are only available prior to the Income Date:


dollar cost averaging;


asset allocation;


systematic investment; and


systematic withdrawal.


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