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were separately developed by Ibbotson Associates:


Model A -- Capital Preservation,


Model B -- Income and Growth,


Model C -- Moderate Growth,


Model D -- Growth, and


Model E -- Aggressive Growth.

Sun Life (U.S.) has determined that Ibbotson Associates will no longer be periodically reviewing or changing the models for the asset allocation program and these models are no longer available for investment. If you previously elected one of the models developed by Ibbotson Associates, we will continue to automatically allocate your Purchase Payments and rebalance your Certificate Value on a quarterly basis among the Sub-accounts that are currently available in the model you chose, without further instruction, unless you advise us otherwise.

If you create your own asset allocation model, we will allocate your initial and subsequent purchase payments and Premium Credits among the specific Sub-accounts used in your model based on your model's Sub-account percentages.

Before requesting us to apply a model to your Certificate, you should review its Sub-account allocations to determine that they correspond to your risk tolerance and time horizons.

If you elect an asset allocation program we automatically rebalance your Purchase Payments among the Sub- accounts represented in the model you choose. We allocate your Purchase Payments and rebalance your Certificate Value on a quarterly basis in accordance with the model, without further instruction, unless you advise us otherwise. You should consult your financial adviser periodically to consider whether the model you have selected is still appropriate for you or whether you wish to change your percentage allocations.

The Fixed Account is not available in models A through E. You may, however, allocate subsequent purchase payments, or Certificate Value, between models A through E and the Fixed Account.

Rebalancing Program. Rebalancing allows you to maintain the percentage of your Certificate Value allocated to each Sub-account at a pre-set level. Over time, the variations in each Sub-account's investment results will shift the balance of your Certificate Value allocations. Under the rebalancing program, each period, if the allocations change from your desired percentages, we will automatically transfer your Certificate Value, including new purchase payments and Premium Credits (unless you tell us otherwise), back to the percentages you specify. Rebalancing maintains your percentage allocations among Sub-accounts, although it is accomplished by reducing your Certificate Value allocated to the better performing Sub-accounts.

You may choose to have rebalancing done on a quarterly basis. We will automatically rebalance the Certificate Value of each Sub-account on the last day of the calendar quarter to match your current percentage allocations. We will not charge a transfer fee for rebalancing.

Generally, you may change your allocation percentages, choice of Sub-accounts, or terminate the program at any time by notifying us in writing. We must receive your changes 10 days before the end of the calendar quarter.

Certificate Value allocated to the Fixed Account is not included in the rebalancing program. After the Income Date, the rebalancing program applies only to variable annuity payments, and we will rebalance the number of Annuity Units in each Sub-account. Annuity Units are used to calculate the amount of each annuity payment.

If your total Certificate Value subject to rebalancing falls below any minimum value that we may establish, we may prohibit or limit your use of rebalancing. We may change, terminate, limit or suspend rebalancing at any time.

Systematic Investment Program. You may make purchase payments for Non-Qualified Certificates through monthly deductions from your bank account or payroll. You may elect this program by completing and returning a


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