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systematic investment program application and authorization form to us. You may obtain an application and authorization form from us or your sales representative. There is a current minimum of $50 per payment for the program.

Systematic Withdrawal Program. To the extent permitted by law, if you enroll in the systematic withdrawal program, we will make monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual distributions directly to you. We will treat such distributions for federal tax purposes as any other withdrawal or distribution of Certificate Value. We will also treat such distributions as partial withdrawals for all purposes under the Certificate, including the calculation of the amount you would receive if you revoke the Certificate under the "Right to Revoke" provision. You may make systematic withdrawals from any Sub-accounts or any Guarantee Period of the Fixed Account. However, any withdrawal from a Guarantee Period with an original length of three or more years may be subject to a market value adjustment (see Appendix A).

In each Certificate Year, your systematic withdrawals will not incur a surrender charge if the withdrawals do not exceed the "free withdrawal amounts" (see "Deductions for Surrender Charge"). The amount you may systematically withdraw without incurring a surrender charge is:

  • (a)

    in the first Certificate Year, up to 10% of purchase payments, and

  • (b)

    in the second or later Certificate Year, up to 10% of the Certificate Value as of the preceding

Certificate Anniversary.

If you revoke the program in the first Certificate Year, any subsequent partial withdrawals during that Certificate Year will immediately become subject to a surrender charge.

Unless you specify the Sub-account(s) or the Fixed Account from which you want withdrawals made, or if the amount in a specified Sub-account is less than the predetermined amount, we will make withdrawals under the program in the manner specified for partial withdrawals in "Partial Withdrawals and Surrender". We will process all Sub-account withdrawals under the program by canceling Accumulation Units equal in value to the amount to be distributed to you and to the amount of any applicable surrender charge.

You may combine the program with all other programs except the systematic investment program.

It may not be advisable to participate in the systematic withdrawal program when making additional purchase payments under the Certificate, if you would incur a contingent deferred sales charge or receive taxable income as a result of the withdrawal. In either circumstance, it might be financially advantageous for you not to pay the purchase payment and forego the systematic withdrawal, thereby avoiding payment of the surrender charge or potential tax liability. However, if you own a Non-Qualified Certificate and are under age 59 1/2, terminating a systematic withdrawal program or skipping a payment may subject you to penalty tax.

Systematic withdrawals may have adverse federal income tax consequences and you should, therefore, consult with a qualified tax professional before electing this option.

Appendix C describes the systematic withdrawal program in greater detail, including the five payment types currently available.


Variable Account Value

The Variable Account Value for your Certificate is based on the sum of your proportionate interest in the value of each Sub-account to which you have allocated values. We determine the value of each Sub-account at any time by multiplying the number of Accumulation Units attributable to that Sub-account by its Accumulation Unit value.

Each purchase payment you make, and the resulting Premium Credit, results in the credit of additional Accumulation Units to your Certificate and the appropriate Sub-account. Purchase payments and Premium Credits are credited to your Certificate using the Accumulation Unit value that is next calculated after we receive your purchase payment. The number of additional units for any Sub-account will equal the amount allocated to that Sub-


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