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account divided by the Accumulation Unit value for that Sub-account at the time of investment. We process transactions other than purchase payments using the Accumulation Unit value that is calculated at the end of the Valuation Period during which the transaction occurs.

Valuation Periods

We determine the value of the Variable Account each Valuation Period using the net asset value of the Eligible Fund shares. A Valuation Period is the period generally beginning at 4:00 P.M. (ET), or any other time for the close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange, and ending at the close of trading for the next business day. The New York Stock Exchange is currently closed on weekends, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Presidents' Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Net Investment Factor

Your Variable Account Value will fluctuate with the investment results of the underlying Eligible Funds you have selected. In order to determine how these fluctuations affect value, we use an Accumulation Unit value. Each Sub- account has its own Accumulation Units and value per unit. We determine the unit value applicable during any valuation period at the end of that period.

When Eligible Fund shares were first purchased on behalf of a Sub-account, each Accumulation Unit was valued at a specified dollar amount. The Unit value for each Sub-account in any valuation period thereafter is determined by multiplying the value for the prior period by a net investment factor. This factor may be greater or less than 1.0; therefore, the Accumulation Unit may increase or decrease from valuation period to valuation period. We calculate a net investment factor for each Sub-account according to the following formula (a / b) - c, where:

  • (a)

    is equal to:

    • (i)

      the net asset value per share of the Eligible Fund at the end of the valuation period; plus

    • (ii)

      the per share amount of any dividend or other distribution the Eligible Fund made if the

record date of such distribution occurs during that same valuation period.

  • (b)

    is the net asset value per share of the Eligible Fund at the end of the prior valuation period.

  • (c)

    is equal to:

  • (i)

    the valuation period equivalent of the annual rate for the mortality and expense risk

charge; plus

  • (ii)

    the valuation period equivalent of the annual rate for the distribution charge; plus

  • (iii)

    a charge factor established by us for any taxes resulting from the operations of that Sub-

account (currently zero).

We may eliminate the daily distribution charge in (c)(ii) above for certain Certificates we issue in an internal exchange or transfer.

Modification of the Certificate

Only our President or Secretary may agree to alter the Certificate or waive any of its terms. A change may be made to the Certificate if there have been changes in applicable law or interpretation of law. Any changes will be made in writing and with your consent, except as may be required by applicable law.

Right to Revoke

You may return the Certificate within 15 days after you receive it by delivering or mailing it to us. The postmark on a properly addressed and postage-prepaid envelope determines if a Certificate is returned within the period. We will treat the returned Certificate as if we never issued it and will refund either the Certificate Value or purchase


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