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for Standard Certificate States, if a Certificate is continued after a death and there is no surviving spouse eligible for a second death calculation under an optional death benefit because of his or her attained age on the date the death benefit was calculated for the first death; or


on or after the Income Date.

Also, no charge amount will be due on any Certificate Anniversary during the period


starting when we receive due proof of death or similar information we reasonably believe to be true and


ending when we receive the Designated Beneficiary's request to surrender or continue the Certificate.

If the Designated Beneficiary who is the decedent's surviving spouse continues the Certificate, charges will start again and apply on each subsequent Certificate Anniversary. If any other Designated Beneficiary continues the Certificate, charges will not start again.

The charge for the optional death benefit will continue when you replace a Covered Person with one who is attained age 85 and no Covered Person under your Certificate will be younger than attained age 85 on the Certificate Date.

Death Benefit During the Spousal Continuation Period

This section applies to Certificates issued in Standard Certificate States.

As explained above, if the Certificate Owner dies and the decedent’s spouse is the sole Designated Beneficiary or if the Annuitant dies and the decedent's spouse is the sole Certificate Owner, the spouse may choose to continue the Certificate. The date upon which we receive due proof of death and the spouse’s written request to continue the Certificate is called the “Continuation Date”, and the period after the Continuation Date while the Certificate remains in force is called the “Continuation Period”.

Upon the death of the surviving spouse during the Continuation Period while he or she is still the sole Certificate Owner, the method of calculating the death benefit is modified as described below.

The “Net Purchase Payment Death Benefit” will equal


the death benefit calculated as of the Continuation Date; plus


any additional purchase payment occurring after the Continuation Date; less


any partial withdrawals (including any applicable surrender charge) occurring after the Continuation Date.

For purposes of calculating Death Benefit Option 1: High Anniversary Value,


the High Anniversary Value shall not apply if the surviving spouse is attained age 85 or older upon the Continuation Date; and


as to a younger spouse, only Certificate Anniversaries occurring after the Continuation Date will be taken into consideration. The High Anniversary Value shall not apply if the surviving spouse dies before the first Certificate Anniversary in the Continuation Period. On the first Certificate Anniversary after the Continuation Date, the High Anniversary Value for the surviving spouse will equal the Certificate Value. Thereafter we will adjust and recalculate the High Anniversary Value as described in the section entitled “Death Benefit Option 1: High Anniversary Value” in the prospectus.


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