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Proof of Age, Sex, and Survival of Annuitant

We may require proof of age, sex or survival of any payee upon whose age, sex or survival payments depend. If the age or sex has been misstated, we will compute the amount payable based on the correct age and sex. If income payments have begun, we will pay in full any underpayments with the next annuity payment and deduct any overpayments, unless repaid in one sum, from future annuity payments until we are repaid in full.


We reserve the right to postpone surrender payments from the Fixed Account for up to six months. We also reserve the right to suspend or postpone any type of payment from the Variable Account for any period when:


the New York Stock Exchange is closed other than customary weekend or holiday closings;


trading on the Exchange is restricted;


an emergency exists as a result of which it is not reasonably practicable to dispose of securities held in the Variable Account or determine their value; or


the Securities and Exchange Commission permits delay for the protection of security holders.

The applicable rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission shall govern as to whether the two latter conditions described above exist.



This section provides general information on the federal income tax consequences of ownership of a Certificate based upon our understanding of current federal tax laws and is not intended as tax advice. Actual federal tax consequences will vary depending on, among other things, whether the Certificate is issued under a Qualified Plan and the type of retirement plan under which your Certificate is issued. Also, legislation altering the current tax treatment of annuity contracts could be enacted in the future and could apply retroactively to Certificates that were purchased before the date of enactment. We make no attempt to consider any applicable federal estate, federal gift, state, or other tax laws. We also make no guarantee regarding the federal, state, or local tax status of any Certificate or any transaction involving any Certificate. You should consult a qualified tax professional for advice before purchasing a Certificate or executing any other transaction (such as a rollover, distribution, withdrawal or payment) involving a Certificate.

You may purchase a Certificate that is not issued under a Qualified Plan ("Non-Qualified Certificate") or a Certificate that is used under a Plan that is Qualified under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code") (a "Qualified Certificate"). The ultimate effect of federal income taxes on the Certificate Value, on annuity payments, and on the economic benefit to the Certificate Owner, Annuitant or Designated Beneficiary depends on the type of retirement plan for which you purchase the Certificate and upon the tax and employment status of the individual concerned.

Taxation of Annuities in General

For federal income tax purposes, purchase payments made under Non-Qualified Certificates are not deductible. Under certain circumstances, purchase payments made under Qualified Certificates may be excludible or deductible from taxable income. Any such amounts will also be excluded from the cost basis for purposes of determining the taxable portion of any distributions from a Qualified Certificate.

You should note that a qualified retirement plan generally provides tax deferral regardless of whether the plan invests in an annuity contract. For that reason, no decision to purchase a Qualified Certificate should be based on the assumption that the purchase of a Qualified Certificate is necessary to obtain tax deferral under a qualified plan.

Section 72 of the Code governs taxation of annuities in general. There are no income taxes on increases in the value


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