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Variable Account at regular and special meetings of the shareholders of the Eligible Funds in accordance with instructions received from persons having the voting interest in the Variable Account. We will vote shares for which we have not received instructions in the same proportion as we vote shares for which we have received instructions.

However, if the Investment Company Act of 1940 or any regulation thereunder should be amended or if the present interpretation should change, and as a result we determine that we are permitted to vote the shares of the Eligible Funds in our own right, we may elect to do so.

You have the voting interest under a Certificate prior to the Income Date. The number of shares held in each Sub- account that are attributable to you is determined by dividing your Variable Account Value in each Sub-account by the net asset value of the applicable share of the Eligible Fund. The payee has the voting interest after the Income Date under an annuity payment option. The number of shares held in the Variable Account that are attributable to each payee is determined by dividing the reserve for the annuity payments by the net asset value of one share. During the annuity payment period, the votes attributable to a payee decrease as the reserves underlying the payments decrease.

We will determine the number of shares in which a person has a voting interest as of the date established by the respective Eligible Fund for determining shareholders eligible to vote at the meeting of the Eligible Fund. We will solicit voting instructions in writing prior to such meeting in accordance with the procedures established by the Eligible Fund.

Each person having a voting interest in the Variable Account will receive periodic reports relating to the Eligible Fund(s) in which he or she has an interest, proxy material and a form with which to give such voting instructions.


Certificates are sold by licensed insurance agents (“the Selling Agents”) in those states where the Certificates may be lawfully sold. Such Selling Agents will be registered representatives of affiliated and unaffiliated broker-dealer firms (“the Selling Broker-Dealers”) registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 who are members of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. and who have entered into selling agreements with Sun Life (U.S.) and the principal underwriter, Clarendon Insurance Agency, Inc. (“Clarendon”), One Sun Life Executive Park, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 02481. Clarendon, our wholly-owned subsidiary, is registered with the SEC under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as a broker-dealer and is a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc.

Sun Life (U.S.) (or its affiliates) pays the Selling Broker-Dealers compensation for the promotion and sale of the Certificate. The Selling Agents who solicit sales of the Certificate typically receive a portion of the compensation paid by us to the Selling Broker-Dealers in the form of commissions or other compensation, depending on the agreement between the Selling Broker-Dealer and their Selling Agent. This compensation is not paid directly by the Certificate Owner or the separate account. We intend to recoup this compensation through fees and charges imposed under the Certificate, and from profits on payments we receive for providing administrative, marketing, and other support and services to the Funds.

The amount and timing of commissions we may pay to Selling Broker-Dealers may vary depending on the selling agreement but it not expected to be more than 5.50% of purchase payments, and 1.00% annually, based on the Certificate Value of those payments. We may pay or allow other promotional incentives or payments in the form of cash or other compensation to the extent permitted by NASD rules and other applicable laws and regulations.

The Company also pays compensation to wholesaling broker-dealers or other firms or intermediaries, including payments to affiliates of the Company, in return for wholesaling services such as providing marketing and sales support, product training and administrative services to the Selling Agents of the Selling Broker-Dealers. These allowances may be based on a percentage of purchase payments and/or a percentage of Certificate Value and/or may be a fixed dollar amount.

You should ask your Selling Agent for further information about what commissions or other compensation he or she, or the Selling-Broker-Dealer for which he or she works, may receive in connection with your purchase of a Certificate.


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