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We may sell Certificates with lower or no dealer compensation to a person who is an officer, director, or employee of ours or an affiliate of ours or to any Qualified Plan established for such a person. Such Certificates may be different from the Certificates sold to others in that they have higher Premium Credits which approximate the expenses Sun Life (U.S.) does not incur as a result of lower or no dealer compensation. You should consult a qualified tax professional as to whether the higher Premium Credit would be taxable income.

We may sell Certificates with lower or no dealer compensation as part of an exchange program for other fixed ("Old FA") and variable ("Old VA") annuity contracts we previously issued. A Certificate issued in exchange for an Old VA that has a contingent deferred sales charge provision will be issued with an exchange endorsement. One effect of the endorsement is that we will not assess a surrender charge under the Old VA at the time of the exchange. The exchange endorsement provides that we will calculate any surrender charge assessed under the Certificate in relation to the initial purchase payment (i.e., the amount exchanged) based on the actual time of each purchase payment under the Old VA. The endorsement also provides that we will not refund the amount described in "Right to Revoke" if the Certificate is returned. Instead, we will return the Old VA to the owner and treat it as if no exchange had occurred.

Under any exchange program of ours, we treat the exchange as being income tax free. Before making any exchange, you should consult a competent tax advisor and, for Old VA to Certificate exchanges, you also should consider the differences between the two variable annuities, including the Sub-account selections.

You may make an exchange to a Certificate if we are making variable annuity payments for a fixed number of years under an Old VA. Under your Certificate, the Income Date will be the date of the next scheduled payment under the Old VA and the payment period will be the payment period remaining under the Old VA. On the Certificate Date of your new Certificate, the present value of the remaining annuity payments under the Old VA will be allocated to the Sub-account(s) you select under the Certificate and the amount of future variable annuity payments under your Certificate will be based upon the investment return of those Sub-accounts(s). From the Certificate Date to the Income Date, we will treat your Certificate as one under which periodic annuity payments have begun, and not one that has values based on Accumulation Units. Other than the change in Sub-account allocation described above, we do not permit you to make any changes as you exchange from the Old VA to your Certificate.

Commissions may be waived or reduced in connection with certain transactions described in this prospectus. During 2003, 2004, and 2005, approximately $1,478,318, $55,659, and $31,669 respectively, in commissions were paid to but not retained by Clarendon in connection with the distribution of the Certificates.


We may from time to time advertise certain performance information concerning the Sub-accounts.

Performance information is not an indicator of either past or future performance of a Certificate.

We may advertise total return information for the Sub-accounts for various periods of time. Total return performance information is based on the overall percentage change in value of a hypothetical investment in the Sub- account over a given period of time.

Average annual total return information shows the average annual compounding percentage change applied to the value of an investment which includes a Premium Credit in the Sub-account from the beginning of the measuring period to the end of that period. Average annual total return reflects historical investment results, less all Sub- account and Certificate charges and deductions as required by certain regulatory rules. This calculation also reflects any surrender charge that would apply if you surrendered the Certificate at the end of each period indicated. We do not deduct premium taxes or any charge for optional benefits from average annual total return. Average annual total return would be less if these charges were deducted.

In order to calculate average annual total return, we divide the change in value of a Sub-account under a Certificate surrendered on a particular date by a hypothetical $1,000 investment in the Sub-account. We then annualize the resulting total rate for the period to obtain the average annual compounding percentage change during the period.

We also may present additional non-standardized total return information that is computed on a different basis. Any non-standardized total return will be accompanied by average annual total return calculated as described above:


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