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First, we may present total return information without any deduction of the surrender charge. This presentation assumes that the investment in the Certificate continues beyond the period when the surrender charge applies. This is consistent with the long-term investment and retirement objectives of the Certificate. The total return percentage will be higher using this method than the standard method described above.


Second, we may present total return information calculated as described above, except that the Premium Credit, surrender charge and the certificate maintenance charge are not used in the calculation. Thus, the calculation is simplified. We divide the change in a Sub-account's Accumulation Unit value over a specified time period by the Accumulation Unit value of that Sub-account at the beginning of the period. We may calculate a 12-month change rate. If we calculate a rate for longer periods, we annualize the total rate in order to obtain the average annual percentage change for that period. The percentages would be higher if the Premium Credit were included and lower if the surrender and certificate maintenance charges were included.


Third, certain of the Eligible Funds have been available for other variable annuity contracts prior to the beginning of the offering of the Certificates described in this prospectus. We may present performance information for such periods based on the historical results of the Eligible Funds and applying the Certificate's mortality and expense risk charge and distribution charge for the specified time periods. The performance percentages would be lower if the Certificate's other charges were included.

We may advertise yield and effective yield information for the Columbia Money Market Sub-Account. The yield of the Sub-account refers to the income generated by an investment in the Sub-account over a specifically identified seven-day period. We annualize this income by assuming that the amount of income generated by the investment during that week is generated each week over a 52-week period. It is shown as a percentage. The yield reflects the deduction of all charges assessed against the Sub-account and a Certificate but does not include any optional benefit charge, surrender charges and premium tax charges. The yield would be lower if these charges were included.

We calculate the effective yield of the Columbia Money Market Sub-account in a similar manner but, when annualizing the yield, we assume income earned by the Sub-account is reinvested. This compounding effect causes effective yield to be higher than yield.

We may provide to you and prospective Contract Owners advertising and other information on a variety of topics. Such topics may include the relationship between certain economic sectors and the economy as a whole and its effect on various securities markets, investment strategies and techniques (such as value investing, dollar cost averaging and asset allocation). Such topics may also include, the advantages and disadvantages of investing in tax- advantaged and taxable instruments, customer profiles and hypothetical purchase scenarios, financial management and tax and retirement planning, and other investment alternatives, including comparisons between the Certificates and the characteristics of and market for such alternatives.


There are no legal proceedings to which the Variable Account or the Principal Underwriter is a party. We are engaged in various kinds of routine litigation that, in our judgment, is not of material importance in relation to our total capital and surplus.


You may write us with questions about your Certificate to Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (U.S.), Client Service Department, P.O. Box 9133, Wellesley Hills, MA 02481, or call (800) 367-3653.


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