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APPENDIX A The Fixed Account (Also Known as the Modified Guaranteed Annuity Account)


This appendix describes the Fixed Account option available under the Certificate.

Fixed Account Values are subject to a limited market value adjustment. The adjustment may result in an increase or decrease in amounts transferred and amounts paid to you or other payees (including withdrawals, surrenders, death benefits, and amounts applied to purchase annuity payments). However, a market value adjustment will not reduce the interest rate applied to amounts you allocate to a Guarantee Period to less than 3% per year. Payments made from Fixed Account Values at the end of a Guarantee Period are not subject to the limited market value adjustment.

Any amounts you allocate to the Fixed Account option become part of our general account. Because of provisions in the securities laws, our general account including the Fixed Account, are not subject to regulation under the Securities Act of 1933 or the Investment Company Act of 1940. The Securities and Exchange Commission has not reviewed the disclosure in the prospectus relating to the general account and the Fixed Account option.

Allocations to the Fixed Account

We will allocate purchase payments and Premium Credits to the Fixed Account according to your selection in the application. Your selection must specify the percentage of the purchase payment and its resulting Premium Credit you want to allocate to each Guarantee Period. The percentage, if not zero, must be at least 5%. You may change the allocation percentages without any charges. You must make allocation changes in writing unless you have, in writing, authorized us to accept telephone allocation instructions. By authorizing us to accept telephone changes, you agree to the conditions and procedures we establish from time to time. The current conditions and procedures are in Appendix B. We will notify you in advance of any changes.

Each Guarantee Period currently offered is available for initial and subsequent purchase payments and for transfers of Certificate Value. We currently offer Guarantee Periods of up to 7 years. We also currently offer a Guarantee Period of one year which is for use only with the Dollar Cost Averaging Program. We may change at any time the number and/or length of Guarantee Periods we offer. You or your salesperson should call 1-800-426-3750 for information on the Guarantee Periods that are currently offered. If we no longer offer a particular Guarantee Period, the existing Fixed Account Value in that Guarantee Period will remain until the end of the period. At that time, you must select a different Guarantee Period.

Capital Protection Plus

We offer a capital protection plus program. Under this program, we allocate part of your purchase payment and Premium Credit to the Guarantee Period you select. Currently, you may only select the 7-year Guarantee Period.

Based on the length of the period and the period's interest rate, we determine how much of your purchase payment and Premium Credit must be allocated to the Guarantee Period so that, at the end of the Guarantee Period, the allocated amount plus interest will be equal to your total purchase payment. We will allocate the rest of your purchase payment and Premium Credit to the Sub-account(s) of the Variable Account based on your allocation instructions.

For example, assume you choose the 7-year Guarantee Period with a 4% Premium Credit and we receive your purchase payment of $10,000 when the interest rate for the Guarantee Period is 6.75% per year. We will allocate $6,088 to that Guarantee Period, because $6,088 with the 4% Premium Credit will increase, at the interest rate of 6.75%, to $10,000 after seven years. The remaining $3,912 of the payment and Premium Credit will be allocated to the Sub-account(s) you select.

If you surrender or transfer any part of the Fixed Account Value before the end of the Guarantee Period, the value at the end of that period will not equal your original purchase payment amount.


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