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Accumulation Unit: A unit of measurement that we use to calculate Variable Account Value.

Annuitant: The natural person on whose life annuity benefits are based and who will receive annuity payments starting on the Income Date.

Attained Age: The age of an individual, in years, as of their last birthday.

Benefit Base Amount: The amount used to calculate the charge you pay for an optional death benefit. It is equal to the death benefit under the optional benefit on the relevant Certificate Anniversary.

Certificate Anniversary: Each anniversary of the Certificate Date.

Certificate Date: The date the Certificate becomes effective which is the date when we receive your completed application and initial purchase payment.

Certificate Owner ("you"): The person(s) having the privileges of ownership defined in the Certificate.

Certificate Value: The sum of the Variable Account Value and the Fixed Account Value under your Certificate at a given time.

Certificate Withdrawal Value: The Certificate Value, increased or decreased by a market value adjustment that applies to any Fixed Account Value, less any premium taxes, certificate maintenance charge and surrender charge.

Certificate Year: Each 12-month period beginning on the Certificate Date and each Certificate Anniversary thereafter.

Company ("we", "us", "our", "Sun Life (U.S.)"): Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada (U.S.).

Covered Person: The person(s) identified in the Certificate whose death may result in an adjustment of Certificate Value, payment of a death benefit, a waiver of any surrender charges and a waiver of any market value adjustment or whose medical stay in a hospital or nursing facility may allow the Certificate Owner to be eligible for either a total or partial waiver of the surrender charge.

Designated Beneficiary: The person designated to receive any death benefits under the Certificate.

Eligible Funds: The underlying mutual funds in which the Variable Account invests.

Fixed Account: Part of our general account to which purchase payments or Certificate Values may be allocated or transferred.

Fixed Account Value: The value of all Fixed Account amounts accumulated under your Certificate prior to the Income Date.

Guarantee Period Anniversary: An anniversary of a Guarantee Period's Start Date.

Guarantee Period Month: The first Guarantee Period Month is the monthly period that begins on the Start Date. Later Guarantee Period Months begin on the same day in the following months.

Guarantee Period Year: The 12-month period which begins on the Start Date. Guarantee Period Years thereafter begin on each Guarantee Period Anniversary.

In Force: The status of the Certificate before the Income Date so long as:

  • (1)

    it is not totally surrendered,

  • (2)

    the Certificate Value under a Certificate does not go to zero on a Certificate Anniversary, and


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