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APPENDIX B Telephone Instructions

Telephone Transfers of Certificate Values

1. If there are joint Certificate Owners, both must authorize us to accept telephone instructions but either Certificate Owner may give us telephone instructions.

2. All callers must identify themselves. We reserve the right to refuse to act upon any telephone instructions in cases where the caller has not sufficiently identified himself/herself to our satisfaction.

3. Neither we nor any person acting on our behalf shall be subject to any claim, loss, liability, cost or expense if we or such person acted in good faith upon a telephone instruction, including one that is unauthorized or fraudulent. However, we will employ reasonable procedures to confirm that a telephone instruction is genuine and, if we do not, we may be liable for losses due to an unauthorized or fraudulent instruction. You thus bear the risk that an unauthorized or fraudulent instruction we execute may cause your Certificate Value to be lower than it would be had we not executed the instruction.

  • 4.

    We record all conversations with disclosure at the time of the call.

  • 5.

    The application for the Certificate may allow you to create a power of attorney by authorizing another person to

give telephone instructions. Unless prohibited by state law, we will treat such power as durable in nature and it shall not be affected by your subsequent incapacity, disability or incompetency. Either we or the authorized person may cease to honor the power by sending written notice to you at your last known address. Neither we nor any person acting on our behalf shall be subject to liability for any act executed in good faith reliance upon a power of attorney.

6. Telephone authorization shall continue in force until:

z z z

we receive your written revocation, we discontinue the privilege, or we receive written evidence that you have entered into a market timing or asset allocation agreement with an investment adviser or with a broker/dealer.

7. If we receive telephone transfer instructions at 800-367-3653 before 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time or other close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange, they will be initiated that day based on the unit value prices calculated at the close of that day.

8. You must make all transfers in accordance with the terms of the Certificate and current prospectus. If your transfer instructions do not conform to these terms, we will not execute the transfer and will notify the caller within 48 hours.

9. If you transfer 100% of any Sub-account's value and the allocation formula for purchase payments includes that Sub-account, then we will change the allocation formula for future purchase payments accordingly unless we receive telephone instructions to the contrary. For example, if the allocation formula is 50% to Sub-account A and 50% to Sub-account B and you transfer all of Sub-account A's value to Sub-account B, we will change the allocation formula to 100% to Sub-account B unless you instruct us otherwise.

Telephone Changes to Purchase Payment Allocation Percentages

Numbers 1-6 above are applicable.


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