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there has not been a death of the Annuitant or any Certificate Owner that will cause the Certificate to end within at most five years of the date of death.

Income Date: The date on which annuity payments are to begin.

Net Asset Value: The difference between the value of assets and the amount of liabilities.

Non-Qualified Certificate: Any Certificate that is not issued under a Qualified Plan.

Premium Credit: A Premium Credit is the amount we add to your Certificate Value with each purchase payment. It is not considered a "purchase payment" under the Certificate.

Qualified Certificate: Certificates issued under Qualified Plans.

Qualified Plan: A retirement plan which receives special tax treatment under Sections 401, 403(b), 408(b) or 408A of the Internal Revenue Code ("Code") or a deferred compensation plan for a state and local government or another tax exempt organization under Section 457 of the Code.

Start Date: The date money is first allocated to a Guarantee Period of the Fixed Account.

Variable Account: Keyport Variable Account A, which is a separate investment account of the Company into which purchase payments under the Certificates may be allocated. The Variable Account is divided into Sub- accounts, each of which invests in shares of an Eligible Fund.

Variable Account Value: The value of all Variable Account amounts accumulated under your Certificate prior to the Income Date.

Written Request: A request written on a form satisfactory to us, signed by you and a disinterested witness, and filed at our office.


This summary does not contain all of the information that may be important to you. You should read the entire prospectus and Statement of Additional Information before deciding to invest. Further, individual state requirements that differ from the information in this prospectus are described in supplements to this prospectus or in endorsements to the Certificate.

Purchase of the Certificate

You may make multiple purchase payments (except in Oregon). The minimum initial payment for both qualified and nonqualified certificates is $10,000. (See "Purchase Payments and Applications".)

Investment Choices

You can allocate and reallocate your investment among the Sub-accounts, which in turn invest in the following Eligible Funds:

Fees and Charges

Please see "Fee Table", "Explanation of Fee Table and Examples" and "Deductions".

Federal Income Taxes

You will not pay federal income taxes on an increase in the value of your Certificate until you make a withdrawal, such as a lump sum payment, annuity payment, gift or assignment. Some withdrawals may also be subject to a 10% federal penalty tax. (See "Tax Status".)


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