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Related to the Marquis Gate Accounts Receivable, we have collected about$33,000 for the year to date and in fact we transferred $30,000 during the month from operating funds to Marquis Gate account. During the month we collected about $3,000. Collection of outstanding fees and fines will be a major area of focus this year. At month end we had an uncollected Special Assessment of $250,000. During the month of April, Imperial posted one property transfer for $500 and five for the year ¬to-date ($2500). Please keep in mind that the Accounting Group is tracking sales based upon when fees are posted rather that when a closing occurs.

Resident Balances (President Harlan Dam): Special Assessment–President Dam reported that 30 Residents are delinquent on their special assessments, 22 were already sent to the attorney. Since the end of April, 7 have paid, which leaves 23 delinquent.

Quarterly Dues – President Dam reported that 67 residents were delinquent on their quarterly dues.Since the end of April 37 have paid, which leaves 30 remaining, with 22 at the attorney.

GIB Report:(President Harlan Dam)- GIB Report for 05-19-11 Meeting. For April, 2011 the GIB was under budget by $1,597.97 ($21,943.78.00 actual vs. $23,541.75 budget). For the 3-month period to-date, they are about 7.5% over budget in the amount of $6,406.27. Net cash on hand was $5,603.44. Reserve accounts: $233,140.86. The GIB meeting was held one week early again this month. The permit was applied for to install the impact resistant windows for the Guard House. Installation should start by mid-June.HVAC contract was awarded to Coastal Air Conditioning. The installa- tion will be coordinated with work following the initial electrical work. GIB is looking into the purchase of the .76 of an acre lot just to the west of the Manors of Regal Lake. This would create a location for the installa- tion of a generator & LP tank for the operation of the entry gate and guard house, and possibly additional parking spaces. Greenspire was contracted to install and upgrade the irrigation and electrical system servicing the guard house and the landscaped areas. Mark Thieme of the Estates was hired to install approx. 90 yellow centerline reflectors to keep drivers from drifting over the centerline at the two curves in the Boulevard road.


IGEHOA Superintendents Report:(Mark Thieme) Entrada: Worked with New IQ at the Entrada Gatehouse. Parks: Wing wall, replanted the Portulacca twice at wing wall. Caught and removed an armadillo from the wing wall. Sprayed Rust Aid in Princess, Princess Forrest and Majestic Parks, and sprayed the vines on the perimeter and Entrada fences. Roads: Walked door to door checking sprinkler timers or turning the timers off the days of seal coating then returning and turning the timers back on. Drains: We had Eli Excavating dredge the drain at Countess Lake and then Sewer Viewer blast the pipe to remove dirt from Countess Lake. Signs: Replaced a road sign run over during seal coating. Repaired 1 road sign then started there- pairs on remaining signs.

Beautification, Common/Park Committee Report: (Debbie Frost and Jim McCauley): The installation of the plantings across from the Entrada Gate should happen about the end of June when the rainy season starts and also discussed adding some plantings along the fence areas around the gate.

Roads and Walkpaths: (President Harlan Dam forSecretary Ed Lindsay): The Polytarcoating is now completed. Thanks to all the residents for their cooperation.

Stormwater Management: (President Harlan Dam) The structure installed in the rear of a resident’s property that was restricting the storm water drainage has been removed. I met with the president of Horse Creek Estates and members of Imperial Golf Club recently. The Horse Creek HOA was offering to give both the Estates and the Golf Club the property on the north side of Horse Creek that abuts both of our property. Both the Golf Club and the Imperial Golf Estates HOA respectfully declined. That property is in dire need of exotic removal and clearance due to neglect.

Collier County President’s Council on 5-13-11: (President Harlan Dam) The County is considering asking the taxpayers to purchase the 22 acres to the northwest of the zoo for expansion. This may be on the November 2012 ballot at a cost of approx. $17 million. The County is planning to install a new parking lot at the southwest corner of the property to serve 621 cars as to only having room for 330 car currently.

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