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For the Classroom

Prescription for Trouble

Lesson Plan Grades 9-12 My Way, Not Sideways

PURPOSE Students brainstorm a list of activities they love to participate in that keep them away from abusing drugs of any kind. Students will create a visual advertising the benefits of their selected activity.

OBJECTIVES Students will:

  • Brainstorm activities they love to participate in

  • Create a visual (poster, bookmark, bumper sticker, etc.) OR write and perform a commercial to advertise their activity to younger children, as well as their peers.

  • Understand how these activities help keep them away from abusing drugs and help keep them on track to lead a happy and healthy life.


  • Board/overhead

  • Pens, pencils

  • Paper

  • Poster board

  • Art supplies

  • Performance space


  • 1.

    On a piece of paper, have each student list all the activities they love to do after school, on the weekends, during vacations, and during school breaks. Give them five minutes to complete their list.

  • 2.

    Have students share their top three favorite activities with the class in a discussion and record their ideas on the board/overhead.

  • 3.

    Remind students that in the documentary, one of the kids tells us that the best way to avoid abusing drugs is to find an activity that is fun and will keep you away from temptation. Ask, What does that mean?

  • 4.

    Break students into groups of no more than three (preferably two) who have a similar interest. Their assignment is to create either a visual (a poster, bumper sticker, bookmark, etc.) or write and perform a commercial that will advertise how much better their selected activity is than abusing drugs. The target audience for their message may be either younger children or their peers, and remind them to consider this target audience every step of the way.

  • 5.

    Remind students to consider the following questions: Why is it important to find something you love to do? What does it help you with in the future? How does something like an activity help you to resist temptation to abuse drugs or do some other unhealthy thing? How does your activity help you make healthy choices?

  • 6.

    Allow students classtime to complete their task; it might take more than just one class period.

  • 7.

    When they have finished, have each group present its project to the class.

  • 8.

    Find a time for them to share their projects with another class or another part of the school population.


  • Did students participate in the discussion?

  • Did each group create a visual or commercial about its selected activity?

  • Could each group explain how their activity helps them to make healthy choices?

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