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IDIP Conference Call – June 28, 2010 - page 4 / 7





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IDIP Conference Call – June 28, 2010

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        Kim said a COOP plan template is being developed and should be done mid- summer 2010.

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        She said the template would be distributed to dispatch centers.

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        The protocols for using the COOP template would be included in the next update of the RedBook,

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        The Dispatch Readiness review checklist would be updated to include the use of the COOP template.

  • IDIP Issues & Stakeholder Needs (Exhibit E) – Tom Wordell

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      Tom reminded everyone to review the list of issues identified by the Management Efficiency Study, other dispatch studies, SME conference calls and other sources to ensure we’ve captured the full list of issues.

Î Action Item#8 (follow-up from May call): Steering Committee to review

spreadsheet (Issue Status Tab) and provide Tom with feedback

Responsible: All

Due Date:

July 15, 2010

  • Computer Aided Dispatch Decision Paper Update (Exhibit F) – Tom Wordell

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      Tom updated the Briefing Paper on CAD to make it a “decision” document and sent it to Jim Douglas earlier this month.

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        Jim stated he has not had the time to review the document and the steering committee still needs to have a discussion about its own governance and how it will effectively take recommendations and get them implemented.

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        This topic will be revisited during the July meeting in Phoenix.

  • Standard PDs for LE/Public Safety Dispatchers – Tom Wordell

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      Tom stated that ECC managers in California have been interested in developing a PD to account for the additional knowledge, experience and training required by their dispatchers who support LE/Public Safety. They have developed a draft PD and one of the SME task groups will work on finalizing it.

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        Tom stated that Fred Silvers (Phoenix Interagency Dispatch Center) is also on the task group because he has the same need.

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        Tom has been trying to connect with Dean Ross about this issue since he understands NPS is planning to develop new public safety dispatcher PDs.

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        Tom also stated that since California will be undertaking an assessment of their dispatch centers to consider consolidation opportunities, they are not supportive of adopting a new PD until this effort is completed and they know what their new dispatch structure and complexity will be.

  • Region 5 Safenet and RLT reponse (Exhibits G and H) – Tom Wordell

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