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IDIP Conference Call – June 28, 2010 - page 6 / 7





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IDIP Conference Call – June 28, 2010

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    Jim agreed and said he would put some thoughts down about and share them with the group in the next week or so.

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      Tom said he would be willing to work with Eilleen Richey (USFS /CIO project manager) to see if she could help him put together a “strawman” project plan based on Jim’s input.

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      The steering group members agreed that during the July 26-27 face-to-face meeting it would be very important to “nail down a common vision” that included:

      • What issues have the biggest impact on dispatch?

      • Identify priority issues that need resolution

      • What are we trying to fix?

      • Major strategies for addressing issues

      • Governance / Decision making process for IDIP Steering Committee

      • How does the IDIP steering committee turn a decision or recommendation into an action for implementation?

      • Don’t need more recommendations… need implementation.

      • Need to talk through multi-functional issues (e.g. NPS dispatch centers that address full range of responses from LEI to 911, structural fire, EMS, SAR, etc.

      • How are we going to deal with these types of issues?

      • Have a clear definition of what we are planning and how everything dovetails into a strategic vision.

      • Identify specific issues and recommendations for moving forward

Î Action Item#21: Tom to work with Jim on developing an agenda for the Phoenix

meeting to focus on project vision, governance and strategies

Responsible: Tom Wordell / Jim Douglas

Due Date:

July 26, 2010

Î Action Item#22: Tom to work with Eilleen Richey to develop a strawman

project plan based on Jim Douglas’ input

Responsible: Tom Wordell

Due Date:

July 26, 2010

Agenda Item: Project Status Report and Timeline

  • Project Status Report ((Exhibit I ) – Tom Wordell

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      Tom presented the one-page IDIP Status Report to the steering committee. He reviewed the Phase 1 milestones, updates for June and tasks for July.

  • Project Timeline (Exhibit J) – Tom Wordell

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