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Packing List & Travel Tips

DUFFLE BAG All of your personal items should be packed into a soft-sided duffle bag approximately 12” x 13” x 24” in size. Mark it with your name. Due to aircraft weight allowances and raft space, please limit your gear to roughly 20 pounds, not including beverages (see note regarding beverages on page 11).

DAY BAG Upon arrival to the river’s edge, you will be provided a water-resistant day bag (approximately 7” x 13”). In this day bag, you will want to put those items you wish to access during the day (raingear, camera, medications, sun block, lip balm, river guidebook, etc). We recommend packing these items in a simple plastic grocery sack inside your duffle for easy transfer to your day bag at the launch site.

GEAR BAG Also upon arrival at the launch site of your trip, you will receive a water- resistant gear bag. This bag will contain your sleeping bag, sheet and ground tarp. You will put your duffle bag inside this bag, roll the top down and clip it securely to avoid getting your personal gear wet. Your personal gear bag will be available at camp each night of your trip.

COOL WEATHER ITEMS (April, early May & late Aug-Sept) Neoprene socks

Stocking cap Mid-weight fleece jacket Lightweight long underwear for sleeping

PERSONAL ITEMS Personal hygiene products

Plenty of sunscreen Sunscreen lip balm Plenty of after-sun moisturizing body/foot lotion Biodegradable soap and shampoo in small bottles Sport water bottle with strap or carabiner Small towel and wash cloth Toothbrush and toothpaste Small pack of tissues and/or moist towelettes Small headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries Bandana Sunglasses with safety strap

Camera – waterproof digital camera with extra batteries and memory cards recommended (Note: online post-trip photo sharing will be available for those with digital images. You will be given access information via email. Please ensure we have your accurate email address on file.)

Small travel pillow Medication if needed (cool storage is available)

CLOTHING ITEMS Two-piece rain suit (Not just for rainstorms - water temperatures average 50° F year round. Quality rain gear offers protection against the cold water when running rapids – especially early in the morning.)

2–3 swimsuits (2-piece swimsuit and quick-drying shorts or sports bra and shorts recommended for women)

2–3 quick-drying shirts (long sleeve and/or short sleeve) 2 pair of lightweight pants/shorts, shirts & underwear for camp 2 pair of socks for use in case of sunburn or foot injury 1 pair quick-drying pants (optional - for sun protection) Lightweight fleece top

Sturdy water sandals or multi-sport shoe that can get wet with good tread & support for hikes. It is wise to consider a backup pair of sandals or shoes in case of damage.

Comfortable footwear for camp (optional – some guests prefer to change out of wet sandals or shoes into flip flops or other light weight shoes)

Hat for sun protection with string or hat clip Gloves for protection while gripping ropes

All guests 18 and older must have photo ID available for trip flights

Major credit card in case of evacuation and for souvenirs at Bar 10 Ranch

Cash for gratuities (Your guides will make every effort to see that your trip is enjoyable and successful. Gratuities for guides are appropriate, greatly appreciated and at your discretion, as a gesture of thanks for their professionalism and service. A suggested guideline is 10 percent of the trip cost. The common practice is to give the gratuity to the trip leader on the last night. It will later be divided equally with the rest of the crew.)

OPTIONAL PERSONAL ITEMS 2 large (3”-4”) carabiners for clipping day- use bag and water bottle to ropes

Plastic bag for dirty or wet clothing

A few clothespins and small piece of rope for drying clothes

Comfortable lounge-wear for camp and sleeping Mile-by-Mile River Guide Book (see redrockoutfitters.com)

Western River Expeditions 7258 Racquet Club Drive Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

HOURS: Mon-Fri 7:00am—6:00pm MST EMAIL: gorafting@westernriver.com ONLINE: www.westernriver.com

TOLL-FREE: 800-453-7450 LOCAL: 801-942-6669 FAX: 801–942–8514


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