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Wagon Wheels – Mini Index & Worksheet - page 4 / 6





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411Spr. 1991Glenn County Centennial; Music in Williams; Stoll House (Red Bluff); Steam Engine

2Fall 1991Mae V. Reager School (Orland); Gail Zumwalt; Jennie Burgoyne Hughes; Etta White

421Spr. 1992Howell Davis; Story of Sycamore; Mexican Land Grants (Sycamore); Grand Island Mill

2Fall 1992Hotel Riverside (Colusa); Pearl Harbor; William D. & Elizabeth Beck; Grimes Quilt

431Spr. 1993The Pioneer (automobile); Louis Cairo; William B. Ide; Colusi Place Names; Grimes

2Fall 1993Glenn County Centennial Monument; Ken Zumwalt; Gladys Lucile Coffman

441Spr. 1994On Their Way to School; Early Glenn County Schools; Elsie Mudd; 1st Christian Church

2Fall 1994Colusa County Bank; Early Glenn County Schools; Stroll through Historic Colusa; the Strap

451Spr. 1995California Sheep Trailer; Trailing Sheep (Zadie Boose); Lloyd G. Johnson; Abner Bryan

2Fall 1995Will S. Green; Sacramento Valley of 19th Century; Reclamation District 108; Floods; Sites

461Spr. 1996Capt. “Pete” Peterson; Freedom Flight; Parks Levee War; Balloon Ascent; Patton Mill

2Fall 1996CCC Camp Orland; Moses Stinchfield; Lynching of Hong Di

471Spr. 1997Orland News Printing Office; Foothill Cemeteries; Justus H. Rogers; Valentines; Dye Creek

2Fall 1997Feathered Fantasy Quilt; Elk Creek; Chautauqua; Pierce High School Centennial

481Spr. 1998Colusa County Hall of Records; Rabbit Drives (Orland); Sheepherding (part 1)

2Fall 1998Stony Gorge Dam; Julian Rocks; Sheepherding (part 2); A.J. Wheeler (Corning)

491Spr. 1999Meridian Bridge; Monroeville Cemetery; KKK in Glenn County; Colusa, IL

2Fall 1999Glenn County Courthouse; Robert J. Tennant; 1899 Murdock Trial; Colusa High School

501Spr. 2000Colusa City Hall; Beginnings of the CCHS; Original Honorary Members; F.S. Reager

2Fall 2000Eagle Peak; Mary Curry Osburn; John Bedford Remembers; Battle of Eagle Peak

511Spr. 2001Black Walnut Tree; One Room Schools; Will S. Green Home; Civil War Veterans

2Fall 2001Aerial View of Arbuckle; Short History of Transportation; Amtrak; Steamer to Red Bluff

521Spr. 2002Chapel Car Announcement; Lloyd G. Johnson; Railroad Evangelism

2Fall 2002Fruto Sign Post; Growing Up in Williams; Early Ceramic Industry in Colusa County

531Spr. 2003Ag Aviation; Capt. Granville Swift; Bayliss Library; Fence Stretcher

2Fall 2003Stone House on Stone Corral Creek; Sites Reservoir; R.D. Westfall, Sr. (part 1)

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