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Kelly Dorgan, PhD

After receiving my Ph.D. in Health and Intercultural Communication from The University of Georgia (2001) and spending several years teaching in Georgia, I accepted an Assistant Professor position at ETSU.  I grew up in southeast Appalachia and was eager to bring my research and teaching interests back to this area.

My research interests have been wide-ranging, largely focusing on cross-cultural health communication.  In recent collaborations, I have researched cancer communication in Appalachia and International Medical Graduate-Patient communication.  Ongoing scholarly interests also include: computer mediated communications; and the examination of stigma, sexually transmitted infections, and disclosure decisions.

Mediated Publications

Dorgan, K.A. (2005).  Physician-Patient Partnership:  Overcoming Barriers to Breast Cancer Screening. 


Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Dorgan, K.A., Hutson, S, & Phillips, A.  (Forthcoming).  [In]Credible Agents:  Cancer Communication

            Partners in Appalachia.  Forthcoming in 2007 Business Research Yearbook

Dorgan, K.A., Shah, J., Kemp, E. (Forthcoming).  International Medical Graduates:  Changing

            Cultures, Ways of Being and Ways of Being with Others.  Forthcoming in 2007 Business Research Yearbook

Behringer, B., Friedell, G.H., Dorgan, K.A. Hutson, S.P., Naney, C., Phillips, A. Krishnan, K., & Cantrell, E.S.  (Forthcoming).  Understanding the     Challenges of  Reducing Cancer in             Appalachia: Addressing a Place-Based Health Disparity Population.  Forthcoming in        California Journal of Health Promotion.

Dorgan, K.A., & Bambino, L.E. (2006).  Navigating Illness by Navigating the Net:  Women’s Information Seeking about Sexually Transmitted     Infections.  2006 Business Research Yearbook

Dorgan, K.A., Bambino, L.E., & Floyd, M. (2006).  Communication as Cause and Cure: 

Sources of Anxiety among International Medical Graduates in Rural Southeast Appalachia.  2006 Business Research Yearbook

Parrott, R.L., Silk, K.J., Dorgan, K.A., Condit, C.M., & Harris, T.M. (2005).  Verbal Versus

Visual  Statistical Evidence in Genetic Risk Appeals: When a Picture is not Worth a Thousand Words. Human Communication Research, 31 (3), pp. 423-452.


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