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preservation of human life.

The report that we have made is available to each member of this Conference, and many of you, I know, have seen and read it.  Without going through the details of our recommendations, I may say that they are the unanimous conclusions of the membership of the committee.

Mr. Chairman, I move the adoption of the report of the Committee on Laws and Law Enforcement.  [Applause.]

Chairman Fleming.  That was a powerful exhortation, Judge Knox.  It has been moved that the report of the Committee on Laws and Law Enforcement be adopted by this Conference.  Is there a second to that motion?

Mr. Charles Rhyne (Washington, D.C.).  I second the motion.

{The question was put to a vote and was carried unanimously.}

Chairman Fleming.  And now I have a special treat.  Since Tuesday you have been listening to some very important statements, but until now the Conference has been lacking the feminine touch and the woman’s point of view.

I now present a lady who was born in Minneapolis not many years ago, as you can see; was graduated from Smith College with high honors; and has won distinction in the field of social work and civic service.  She was active in civilian defense all during the war and is now national chairman of the Civilian Advisory Committee of the Women’s Army Corps.  Mrs. Oswald Bates Lord!  [Applause.]

Mrs. Oswald Bates Lord.  Thank you, General Fleming.  Ladies and gentlemen, the part I have been asked to play at this Conference has already been beneficial.  In doing my homework and in reading how to keep from going to blazes and 13 ways not to burn your home, I have set up a program for my husband this weekend that will keep him very busy.  [Laughter.]

Our small home in the woods and hills of Connecticut is about to go through a complete metamorphosis, and by Monday I shall ask our local fire chief, who is also the local plumber and electrician [Laughter.], to inspect and give our home a medal of merit.

My husband is rebelling a little since I have told him I thought we had better replace our hand-hewn shingles with something more fireproof.  There will be no time this weekend for tennis or for the garden.

Education of all kinds starts in the home.  How our children turn out depends on the training, encouragement, teaching which they receive at home and the example they are given by their parents and by their guardians.  As children have a natural sense of dependency, we utilize this fact in their training, teaching them how to eat, teaching them how to dress, and teaching them discipline, and we adult homemakers feel that we have had all the training necessary.  But sometimes I wonder.

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