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{The delegates stood and applauded.}

Chairman Fleming.  I think we all understand now why he is called the first citizen of Washington.  You have heard the motion.  Is there a second?

Mr. J. W. Vincent (Cincinnati, Ohio).  I second the motion.

Mr. Howard Welty (Oakland, Calif.).  Mr. Chairman, I am representing the secondary schools of California.  This is the time, it seems to me, for us to take appropriate action on a matter on which we failed to act yesterday.  Mr. Percy Bugbee, speaking for the National Fire Protection Association, told us that 120,000 of the 800,000 fires annually occurring in this country came from the carelessness of smokers, and he made a suggestion at the end which we failed to take action on, that we ask the tobacco companies, who profit by the sale of cigarettes, to join their immense strength to ours in bringing to the attention of smokers all over our country the things which they do and should not do.  I am sure that the tobacco companies would welcome from us the suggestion that they join in this great national campaign for public welfare.  They will spend thousands of dollars in advertising to teach the public to smoke Camels, but they say nothing against taking a Camel to bed with you.

Mr. Chairman, with that in mind I move that this Conference urge upon the tobacco companies manufacturing cigarettes the carrying on of a Nationwide campaign of education against the carelessness of smokers, not only as a civic privilege of cooperation and a matter of public welfare, but as an imperative duty arising out of the hazard to life and property created by and in direct proportion to the growth and success of this great business enterprise.

Chairman Fleming.  I wonder if everybody could hear that.  Maybe I had better read it up here.

Mr. Welty.  I am not sure that you can, but I think I could make them hear it, Mr. Chairman.

Chairman Fleming.  Did everybody hear that?  No, they did not.  Will you step up here?

{Mr. Welty cam to the platform and repeated his motion.}

Mr. Lewis McBain (Massachusetts).  Mr. Chairman, I would like to second that.

Chairman Fleming.  We have no time this morning to discuss it; I will put it to a vote.

{The question was put to a vote and was carried unanimously.}

Mr. Leroy Gates (Nyack, N.Y.).  Mr. Chairman, may I have the privilege of the floor?  I see that according to the program there is no further opportunity for discussion from the floor.  This should be a note on which the Conference should close.  I present it now in lieu of later.

Today is the sixty-third birthday of the gentleman who occupies the position of the President of the United States, and in deference to the initiative and foresight on his part which called this Conference together, and the attention which he has given to us personally here, I move you, sir,

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