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Secretary of War from 1937 to 1940 and was then my boss, and was personal representative of the President in India in 1942.  Colonel Johnson.  [Applause.]

Hon. Louis Johnson.  Mr. Chairman, gentlemen of the Conference, mine is an easy task.  I wonder first, though, if those of you who are here realize what an impact your Conference and your deliberations have had upon the Nation.

I returned last night from the West.  In the press and on the radio there has probably been fuller coverage than anything of like type in the history of the country.

You have had these six reports, reports upon which much time and effort have been expended.  You have had exhortations such as that of Judge Knox this morning which, when you see it in print, you will agree is one magnificent document.

Mine is the privilege of calling your attention to each of these six reports, saying to you that the Coordinating Committee has combined in the document before you all six of the reports.  It is called the Action Program.  I hope you have looked at it.  It gives you the message of the President on the first page and of our esteemed and able Chairman on the second page, and goes on through, with the summary and coordination of the six reports.

I want to say to those of you who have not read it that the men who have made this compilation of the six reports assure me, just as in the plan of action, which Walter Williams just presented to you, that nothing is left out in the summary, although where they cross into each other’s fields it has been somewhat condensed.

Two additions to the individual reports have been made.  I want to read you those two additions, because thereafter I shall move for the adoption, as the plan of action or action program, of this condensed compilation and summary of the six reports.

The two additions are to the research section of the action program, and they read as follows:


The need for ready availability of information, complete and up to date, pertaining to the subject of fire prevention, fire protection, fire loss experience, and research development is emphasized.  A central library facility would serve this need.


While endorsing the national-state-local governmental and private programs for fire prevention and control for our natural resources, the Conference recommends continuous research to improve, where practical, methods of fire prevention and control in these essential States.

Mr. Chairman, gentlemen of the Conference, in order that the waves started already from here may continue in the interest of saving life and in fire prevention, I move you that the report of the Action Program be adopted as presented to this Conference.  [Applause.]

Chairman Fleming.  Copies of the Action Program were available to you today outside.  I presume most of you have had them and have seen them.  Colonel Johnson has explained the small additions made to what you have.  Is there a second to the motion?

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