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action taken here, there will in the years that lie ahead be untold thousands of men, women, and children who will have been spared the torture and horror of death by fire and the general prosperity of all lifted by the savings of the countless millions of dollars of property which have heretofore fed the flames of wanton disregard and destruction.

Chairman Fleming.  Thank you, Governor.  What you propose to do is certainly all and more than we could possibly hope to ask for.

Before we part, I wish to thank all of you, for the President and for myself, for your attendance upon this Conference and for the invaluable help you have given us with your counsel and your advice.  As we depart from this auditorium and go our separate ways to our homes, we take with us a program for future action that has been forged upon the anvil of sound experience by the best intelligence in the fire safety field that we could find.

This has been a 3-day Conference, but we must all be deeply aware that to bring that program to life, to implement it in every town and city of the country, it is going to be no 3-day task.  It will call for our best efforts 365 days of the year.  We have enlisted not for a brief skirmish, but for the whole campaign.  In winning that campaign we shall have the satisfaction of knowing that we are saving lives and putting an end to the wanton destruction of our Nation’s resources.

Again, I thank you for your assistance and for the consideration you have given your General Chairman.  I want to particularly thank the chairmen and members of our committees, the secretaries who have labored long and earnestly, the consultants and staff who helped them, and particularly Mr. Bruce Bielaski, who has done so much to make this Conference a success.  [Applause.]

We will now stand up and hear the Star Spangled Banner; then the Conference will be adjourned.

{The assemblage stood for the National Anthem.}

{The Conference adjourned at 12:15 P.M.}

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