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David P. Godwin, United States Forest Service, Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

Clarence Goldsmith, National Board of Fire Underwriters, Chicago, Ill.

W. A. Hebert, Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Springfield, Mass.

Paul P. Heinz, Department of Fire Services, New Haven, Conn.

Everett Hudiberg, Fire Department, Stillwater, Okla.

E. C. Iverson, State Fire Marshal, Lincoln, Nebr.

Edward J. Jeffries, Jr., Major, Detroit, Mich.

Albert F. Jordan, Commissioner of Insurance, Washington, D.C.

Frank C. McAuliffe, International Association of Fire Chiefs, Chicago, Ill.

Grey Marsh, Weston Volunteer Fire Department, Weston, W. Va.

L. J. Molloy, Association of American Railroads, Norfolk, Va.

Edward N. Montgomery, Headquarters, Boston Fire department, Boston, Mass.

Anthony J. Mullaney, Chicago Fire Department, Chicago, Ill.

L. G. Keeney, Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Association, Grinnell, Iowa.

H. L. Krieger, Ohio Inspection Bureau, Columbus, Ohio.

Hon. Fiorello H. La Guardia, New York, N.Y.

A. M. Lewis, National Automatic Sprinkler and Fire Control Association, New York, N.Y.

George S. Lockhart, Fire Department, Minneapolis, Minn.

Forrest B. Lucas, Department of Public Safety, Dayton, Ohio.

Leonard C. Lund, Fire Marshal Division, State of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minn.

Clement Murphy, Fire Department, Washington, D.C.

M. I. Parker, Missouri Inspection Bureau, St. Louis, Mo.

F. B. Philbrick, The Gamewell Co., Newton Upper Falls, Mass.

Harry M. Pontious, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, Columbus, Ohio.

D. J. Price, United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

D. P. Rachael, Fire Department, Port Arthur, Tex..

Walter O. Randlett, Virginia Electric & Power Co., Richmond, Va.

Clarence Ridley, International Association of City Managers, Chicago, Ill.

Theodore A. Rosenwald, New Mexico State College, Albuquerque, N. Mex.

Oliver T. Sanborn, Fire Department, Portland, Maine.

Dr. H. H. Schrenk, Bureau of Mines, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Cornelius D. Scully, Allegheny County Sanitary Authority, Pittsburgh, Pa.

H. J. Segrave, Mine Safety Appliance Co., New York, N.Y.

George T.  Slocum, Fire Department, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Edgar A. Spotz, State Fire School, Harrisburg, Pa.

Jay W. Stevens, National Board of Fire Underwriters, San Francisco, Calif.

John W. Strohm, State Fire Marshal, Des Moines, Iowa.

George L. Swan, National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York, N.Y.

Waverly Sykes, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Va.

Glenn E. Thom, International Association of Fire Fighters, Detroit, Mich.

Ray Tiller, Fire Department, Waterloo, Iowa.

Spence D. Turner, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles, Calif.

E. J. Vanderwall, Director of Conservation, Madison, Wis.

W. M. Walton, University of Alabama, University, Ala.

William G. Wandras, Fire Department, Kearney, N.J.

Thomas S. Ward, State Department of Education, Sacramento, Calif.

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