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Prof. William N. Cox, Jr., Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.

Gerald S. Craig, Teachers College of Columbia University, New York 27, N.Y.

George W. Dean, State Forester, Charlottesville, Va.

R. J. Douglas, Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical School, Stillwater, Okla.

Gilbert H. Dunstan, University of Alabama, University, Ala.

P. W. Eberhardt, Walter Kidde and Co., Inc., Belleville 9, N.J.

Paul E. Elicker, National Association of Secondary School Principals, Washington 6, D.C.

Commander O. J. Emory, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington 25, D.C.

Miss Alice Everitt, Tunica Elementary School, Tunica, Miss.

John B. Fisher, The Cambridge School, Weston 93, Mass.

T. Alfred Fleming, The National Board of Fire Underwriters, New York 7, N.Y.

Edgar Fuller, State Department of Education, Concord, N.H.

Prof. Henry Giese, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa.

Gordon C. Graham, National Commission on Safety Education, Detroit Public Schools,

Detroit, Mich.

Sam Hardin, Pacific Fire Extinguisher Co., San Francisco, Calif.

Morrill Hartshorn, National Council for Social Studies, Washington, D.C.

Charles Hawkins, West Virginia State College, Institute, W. Va.

William A. High, Oakland Public Schools, Oakland, Calif.

Ralph E. Himstead, American Association of University Professors, Washington 6, D.C.

Fred W. Hosler, Department of Public Schools, Allentown, Pa.

Mrs. Edith Hudnall, Elementary School, Jacksonville, Fla.

Dr. S. S. Huebner, American Institute for Property and Liability Underwriting,

Philadelphia 4, Pa.

Don D. John, Mutual Fire Insurance Agency, Louisville, Ky.

Keith Johnson, National Association of Science Teachers, Washington, D.C.

Galen Jones, U. S. Office of Education, Washington, D.C.

Miss Olga Juniger, Board of Insurance Commission, Austin 14, Tex.

Paul W. Kearney, Brooklyn, N.Y.

V. Kearsey, Department of Public Schools, Los Angeles, 12, Calif.

Capt. A. T. Kessler, Fire Department, New Orleans, La.

Fred H. Lang, Division of Forestry and Parks, Little Rock, Ark.

Julius Levi, National Association of Insurance Agents, Houston 2, Tex.

John W. Lewis, Association of Public Schools Business Officials, Baltimore Public Schools, Baltimore 18, Md.

J. Williard Lord, Atlantic Refining Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

S. P. Lyle, Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.

Worth McClure, The American Association of School Administrators, Washington 6, D.C.

Ray N. McFarlin, Board of Education, Cleveland 14, Ohio.

Rev. William E. McManus, National Catholic Welfare Conference, Washington, D.C.

Morris Meister, Bronx High School of Science, Bronx, N.Y.

C. D. Minor, Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Richmond, Va.

H. George Murphy, New York State Department of Education, Albany, N.Y.

Dr. Irma Gene Nevins, American Red Cross, Washington 13, D.C.

John A. North, Phoenix Insurance Co., Hartford, Conn.

W. W. Pierson, Association of American Universities, Chapel Hill, N.C.

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