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Predominantly Hebrew Songs

Af, Peh, Ozen

Af, peh, ozen, ayin, regel

Af, peh, ozen, yad v‘rosh

Every part of my body has a Hebrew name

Let’s put them all together

In this Hebrew singing game

Al Sh’losha D’varim

Al Sh’losha D’varim

Al Sh’losha D’varim

Al Sh’losha, Sh’losha D’varim

Ha’olam, Ha’olam Omeid

Al HaTorah, V’al Ha Avodah

V’al Gimilut Chasadim

(The world depends on three things: on Torah, on worship, and on acts of loving kindness)

Alef Bet

Let’s learn the Alef Bet

Simple as it can be

You’ll learn the Alef Bet

If you sing the letters after me

Each letter has a name

And a sound that it always makes

Now let’s sing a special chorus

We’ll have fun it will not bore us

It’s the Alef Bet (doo doo doo)

Alef Bet Vet (Alef Bet Vet) Gimel Dalet Hay (Gimel Dalet Hay)

Vav Zayin Chet Tet (Vav Zayin Chet Tet)

Yud Kaf Chaf (Yud Kaf Chaf)

Lamed Mem Nun (Lamed Mem Nun)

Samech Ayin Peh Feh (Samech Ayin Peh Feh)

Tzadi Kuf Reish (Tzadi Kuf Resh)

Shin Sin Taf (Shin, Sin Taf)

Am Yisrael Chai

Am Yisrael a Yisrael

Am Yisrael chai

Am Yisrael, am Yisrael chai


Od avinu chai

Od avinu chai

Od avinu, od avinu

Od avinu Chai


(The Jewish people lives!  Our God yet lives!

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