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Family Album

Access to Northwood University alumni information, and usage of, should be conducted in an ethical and lawful manner. Use of alumni contact information for personal gain, commercial use, or solicitation is strictly prohibited.


F.H. (Garry) Garretson, MI ’64, AA, Language Arts, is a purchasing program manager for General Motors Corporation in Warren, Mich. Garry is married to Claudia and they reside in Waterford, Mich. garryg123@aol.com

Leon Brown, MI ’6 , AA, Advertising. Leon resides in Newark, Del. leon116@comcast.net

Lorne Green, MI ’68, AA, Liberal Arts, is a mortgage agent for Northwood Mortgage, Ltd. in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Lorne is married to Judith and they reside in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. greeners@rogers.com

Jeff Weiss, IN ’69, AA, Liberal Arts, is senior manager

  • international leadership & sales

training for FedEx Kinko’s in Dallas, Texas. Jeff is married to Carole and they reside in Plano, Texas. weissjeff0802@att.net


John McGlynn, MI ’70, AA, Advertising, is a retired vice president. John is married to Donna and they have three children and three grandsons; Matthew, 10, Conrad, 7 and Jackson, 6. They reside in Cottageville, S.C. Retired in 2005 and bought a small gentleman’s arm. In the process of “Do Nothing Farming,” I’ve become involved in

the growing of ast growing trees used for furniture and the pulp


e’ve also improved the

property so we now have about 100 Canadian Geese use the property for eeding and nesting as well as 18 wild turkeys and about 10 deer. This makes for very peaceful living,

especially knowing we are giving back to nature. jmcglynn@lowcountry.com

James Maville, MI ’70, BBA, Management, is retired and resides in Mayville, Mich. He has two children; Jamie and Jason. After graduation in 1970, I spent 4 years in the US Air Force. After release from service in 1974, I went back to college and received my BS in

istory/Secondary Education in 1976. I received a MA in rban Studies Planning from SUNY in 1983. In 1976, I started working for Monroe County as a Deputy Sheriff. In Dec. 2006, after 30 years of service, I retired as a Monroe County Probation Officer. During my caree , I also was certified as a Police Instructor and taught a number of courses at the local police academy. smokey4285@aol.com

Jim Klenoski, MI ’71, BBA, Management, is group leader

  • trim department for General

Motors, Ft. Wayne Assembly in Roanoke, Ind. Jim is married to Mary Jane (Thomas) (MI ’68) and they have two children and a granddaughter; Jaden, 12. They reside in Fort Wayne, Ind. Our joy has been our two daughters graduating from Purdue University

and their accomplishments. I will be retiring from General Motors after 31.6 years. janjim63@msn.com

Laurie Kramer, MI ’75, AA, Fashion Merchandising. Laurie resides in Midland, Mich. geriuofm@excite.com

Keith Karnes, IN ’75, AA, Hotel Restaurant Management. Keith is married to Terri and they have three sons; Joshua, Noah, and Matthew. They reside in Corydon, Ind. karnes05@hughes.net

Don Johnson, IN ’7 , AA, Hotel Restaurant Management, is CEO of Johnson Enterprises in Dallas, Texas. Don has four children; Chad, 26, Tessa, 24, Bonnie, 12, and Jenn , 9. They reside in Dallas, Texas. djoh56@schglobal.net

John Raymond Haering, MI ’76, BBA, Business Management, is an acquisition specialist for Florida Power & Light. Ray is married to Kathy and they reside in Palm Cit , Fla. I retired from FORD Motor Company after 30 years. ray_haering@fpl.com

Daniel Gabara, MI ’76, AA, Automotive Marketing, is president of Elite Home & Design in Rogers Cit , Mich. Daniel has four children and two grandchildren; Elizabeth, 6, and Kalista, age 1. Dan resides in Rogers Cit , Mich. Nanc , my wi e of 29 years passed away in May of

2008 from complications of Multiple Sclerosis. I had an auto accident in February of 2008 causing severe nerve bruising in my neck and arms, with slow improvement, but I’m thankful to be alive! gsc@voyager.net

Cynthia (Wright) McClure, IN ’78, AA, Fashion Marketing and Management. Cynthia is married to Michael and they reside in Carmel, Ind.

Margaret Hart, MI ’79, AA, Fashion Marketing/ Merchandising/Management, is director of network operations for Hanover Insurance in Worcester, Maine. Margaret resides in Shrewsbur , Maine. maehart@hanover.com

James “Tim” McKenna, MI ’78, BBA, Management. Tim is married to Susan and they have two children and one grandchild; Ethan, 3. They reside in Elk Grove Village, Ill. timmckenna@a1roofing.com

Alice Kessler, MI ’79, BBA, Business Management, is the buyer/trainer for Douglas Cosmetics in Washington, D.C. Alice resides in Kensington, Md. zalkessler@msn.com

Linda (Rogers) Fields, IN/TX ’79, AA, Business Management, works in accounting for Goettsch International, Inc. Linda is married to Randy and they have three daughters; Megan,22,


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