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Corey Whitehorn, MI ’92, BBA, Management, is site manager for Caravan/Knight Facilities Management (Mack II) in Detroit, Mich. Corey has three children; Brandon, 17, Sydne , 12, and Core , Jr., 7. They reside in Detroit, Mich. coreywhitehorn@hotmail.com

Chris Guthrie, FL ’92, AA, Automotive Marketing. Chris is married to Suzanne and they reside in Hope, N.J. twomanyprosches@hotmail.com

Catherine (Olive) Harrington, FL ’93, AA, Management, is partner for Harrington Capital Management, LLC in LaJolla, Calif. Catherine in married to Klye and they have 1 year old triplets; Alexandre, Hunter, and Vienna. They reside in La Jolla, Calif. cnharrington@aol.com

Gilbert Groot, FL ’93, BBA, Management, is managing director for GMS Europe B.V. in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Gilbert is married to Mechteld and they have two children; Joleine, 3, and Lobke, 1 year old. They reside in Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands. ggroot@gms.nl

Jennifer Vander Galien, FL ’94, BBA, Marketing/Management. I am working in anzania with disadvantaged street children. After years of sales in the Detroit area I decided to leave that comfortable li estyle and move to Africa to work with these under privileged children. jennifervancergalien@yahoo.com

Lesha (Andrews) Wood, TX ’95/’08, BBA, Automotive Marketing/Mangagement is software support director for John Eagle Dealerships in Dallas, Texas. Lesha is married to Karl and they have two children; Kolb , 6, and Kaylee, 3. They reside in McKinne , Texas. lesha@johneagle.net

Marnie (Rhen) Oakle , MI ’96, BBA, Management. Marnie resides in Rochester Hills, Mich. mprhen91@hotmail.com

Judith Trice, Cedar Hill, TX ’96, BBA, Management, is a dispatcher for AAFES in Dallas, Texas. Judith has three children and two granddaughters; Kristen, 12, and Jaiden, age 1. Judith resides in Ferris, Texas. txcharmin@onlineisp.net

Julia (Schmitt) Yahya, FL ’9 , BBA, Marketing/Management, is media buyer for TCAA in Cincinnati, Ohio. Julia is married to Khairul (FL ’97) and they have two children; Zachar , 9, and Sophia, 3. They reside in Lebanon, Ohio. jyahya07@yahoo.com

Ignacio Romero, TX ’9 , BBA, Automotive Marketing/ Management. Ignacio is married to Silvia and they have two children; Regina, 6, and In’aki, 5. They reside in Plano, Texas. ignacio.romeroc@gmail.com

Aleita (Harrington) Anderson, MI ’97. Aleita is married to Teadric and they have two children; Bryce, 2, and Kenned , age 1. They reside in Joliet, Ill. aleitaanderson@hotmail.com

Suryani Modh Fauzee, MI ’9 , BBA, Banking & Finance/ Management, is manager for Maybank in Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia. Suryani resides in Selangor, Malaysia. suranimohdfauzee@yahoo.com

Leslie (Widdick) Garcia, West Palm Beach, FL ’98, AA, Computer Information Management. Leslie has two children; Heather and Nicholas. They reside in Royal Palm Beach, Fla. leslieagarcia08@yahoo.com

Anton Knoop, TX ’98, AA, Business Management, is owner of pro-Sporttape.nl in St. Nicolaasga, The Netherlands. Anton resides in St. Nicolaasga, The Netherlands. In August I started my own company. t’s in sporting goods and promotes brand new product with lots of possibilities! anton@pro-sporttape.nl

Vincent Laplante, MI ’98, BBA, Management, is national marketing director for Centex Corporation in Dallas, Texas. Vincent resides in Westfield, Ind. vlaplante01@yahoo.com

Christina (Hector) Hector- Potter, FL ’99, BBA, Marketing/ Management. Christina is married to Jeff (FL ’94) and they reside in Bessemer, Ala. mrsp72@aol.com

Ann Marie (Kent) Freiburger, FL ’99, AA, Fashion Marketing & Management. Ann Marie is

married to Andrew (FL ’99), and they have three children; William and Ashle , 8, and David, 3. They reside in Carmel, Ind. Andrew and I met at Northwood. e were married in 2000 and 2 months later we got pregnant with twins. In 2005

we welcomed our third child!

e live

outside of Indianapolis and have a

wonderful li e.

e will always miss

our days in


e’ll be back

one day!


Michael Ruzzin, Selfridge, MI ’99, is a purchasing manager for Inergy Automotive Systems, Inc. in Brussels, Belgium. Michael is married to Linda and they reside in Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgium. michael.ruzzin@inergyautomotive. com

Ron Joyce, FL ’99, BBA, International Business, is vice president of National Penn Capital Advisors, Inc. in Doylestown, Pa. Ron has a daughter; Giana, age 1. They reside in Telford, Pa. ronald_joycejr@yahoo.com

Wendy (Alvin) Houghton, FL ’99, BBA, Marketing/ Management, is director of reservation sales for Philadelphia Downtown Marriott in Philadelphia, Pa. Wendy is married to Wayne and they reside in Westmont, N.J. wendya0924@comcast.net


Sheila (Trachtenberg) Lunich, West Palm Beach, FL ’00, BBA, Management. Sheila has a daughter, Jacquelyn. Sheila resides in Peekskill, N.Y. I’ve opened 3 websites: cdbaby.com, myspace. com, moodexpressions.com --I’m a writer of rhyme and satire. Thanks to the pro essors at Northwood I stay in touch with who have been my inspiration. shelluni@aol.com

Craig Bode, FL ’00, BBA, Marketing/Management, is an account manager/sales representative for Insurance for Students, Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Craig resides in Gulf Stream, Fla. I recently became engaged to Karen Bischoff of Asuncion, Paraguay. craigwbode@aol.com

Vena Webb, Cedar Hill, TX ’00, BBA, Management, is a project officer/superfund state coordinator for U. S. Environmental Protection Agency in Dallas, Texas. Vena has a son and a daughter; Dedricc and Venecia. She resides in Dallas, Texas. venajwebb@yahoo.com

Amanda Huerta, TX ’01, AA, Management. Amanda is married to David and they have two sons; David, 10, and Max, age 1. They reside in Midlothian, Texas. amhuerta2002@yahoo.com

Angela (Mancini) Adams, MI ’01, BBA, Marketing/ Management, is a release analyst for Chrysler in Auburn Hills, Mich. Angela is married to Jim (MI ’00) and they have a son


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