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The Title Company

8255 N. Wickham Road, Suite 100 Melbourne, FL 32940

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Buyers’ Information Sheet

To help us more efficiently process and expedite your closing, please provide the following information, which we pledge to keep private and confidential. Please print as clearly as possible and fax back to us.

Buyers’ Names: (as you would like them to appear on deed) Marital Status of Buyers (please circle): Husband and Wife

Married by not to each other



**If there is more than one buyer and they are not husband and wife, please specify marital status of each buyer.**

Current Mailing Address: Address you would like on the Deed if diff from above:

Phone # (s): Email Address: Our lender contact is: _______________________________________ Ph: Will all buyers be present at the closing? ___________ If not, please call the office for specialized arrangements.

Anything you think we should know, please advise:

*****Some things we’d like you to know about your closing*****

  • 1.

    We will need “certified funds” at closing, i.e. an official bank/cashier’s check or wire transfer. Florida law forbids us from accepting personal checks in excess of $500.00. Your check should be made payable to “The Title Company.”

  • 2.

    If you wish/intend to take title in a trust, we will need to review a copy of the trust and any amendments. Further, your lender needs to be aware of and agree to you taking title in trust.

  • 3.

    If you are a married person and the property being bought is intended to be your primary residence, your spouse will need to join in the execution of the mortgage, even if the loan is only in your name alone and the property will be title only in your name alone—this is due to the Homestead requirements in the Florida Constitution. This is also true even if you are “legally separated” from your spouse.

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    If you are borrowing funds from an institutional lender (i.e. a big mortgage lender), we will need a survey of the property. If you have ordered a survey, please notify us immediately so that we can avoid multiple surveys being orderedthey are not cheap! W will also be contacting your Realtor to verify whether they have or will be ordering a survey. If you are paying cash for the property, it is your option to have a survey performed. We will not order a survey unless you ask us to. If no survey is performed and submitted to us, there will be a general exception to your owner’s policy of title insurance for “facts which would be disclosed by an accurate and comprehensive survey of the premises herein described.


We exist to serve you. There are no stupid questions. Please help us help you by telling us what you need.

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