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6. What atrocities, typical of the more decadent land-owners, do the Evremondes commit in this chapter?

Book III, Chapter 11: "Dusk."

As Sydney Carton kisses little Lucie to comfort her distress at her mother's extreme agitation after the trial, he murmurs words that only she hears: "A life you love."

1. The reader, recalling the conclusion of Carton's profession of love for Lucie in Chapter 13 of the Second Book, will conclude what about Carton's plans?

2. To whom may Carton be referring in the closing lines of the chapter?

Book III, Chapter 12: "Darkness."

  • 1.

    What were Carton's intentions in going to Defarge's wineshop?

  • 2.

    What suspicion does Madame Defarge, in conversation with the Vengeance and

Jacques Three, confirm for us?

  • 3.

    Why has Dr. Manette experienced a profound relapse?

  • 4.

    What were the two certificates which Carton left in Larry's care?

  • 5.

    Why is Madam Defarge bent on denouncing even little Lucie?

Book III, Chapter 13: "Fifty-two."

1. Although his three letters indicate the people most on his mind as he awaits execution, whom ironically does he not even recall? What KIND of irony is this?

  • 2.

    Who assists Carton to enter Charles' cell?

  • 3.

    Charles is reluctant to escape at the cost of Sydney's life: how does Carton force

his compliance?

  • 4.

    What is the significance of the chapter's title?

  • 5.

    Why does Dickens abruptly shift to the first person plural at the end of this


  • 6.

    In the range of prisoners on p. 376, Dickens gives one whose death at the hands of the revolutionary patriots is merely nemesis, and another whose death is totally undeserved, showIng how unjust the Revolution has become. Who are these two?

  • 7.

    List several sources of suspense in this chapter.

Book III, Chapter 14: "The Knitting Done"

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