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2. What are the incriminating circumstances under which Darnay had travelled back and forth from England to France?

  • 3.

    What is suspicious about the Crown's evidence?

  • 4.

    How does Roger Cly's testimony seem more conclusive?

  • 5.

    However, what inconvenient facts discredits Cly?

  • 6.

    Lorry's testimony merely establishes that Darnay was on the Dover-Calais packet;

what damage does Lucy's do?

7. How does Stryver confuse the witness who testifies to Darnay's being "in that garrison-and-dockyard town" (p. 103)?

Book II, Chapter 4: "Congratulatory"

  • 1.

    What negative impressions do we get of Carton?

  • 2.

    We note that Dr. Manette's "face had become frozen . . . in a very curious look at Darnay: an intent look, deepening into a frown of dislike and distrust, not even unmixed with fear" (p. 112). What two devices is Dickens using here?

3. What suggestion does Dickens implant in the reader's mind by the closing line of this chapter?

Book II, Chapter 5: "The Jackal"

1. What is the relationship between the so-called Jackal and Lion?

Book II, Chapter 6: "Hundreds of People"

  • 1.

    Why is Miss Pross jealous of Darnay and Carton?

  • 2.

    How is the incident alluded to in question 2, Chapter 4, repeated and yet also

augmented here?

3. What do the echoing footsteps foreshadow?

Book II, Chapter 7: "Monseigneur in Town"

  • 1.

    Why does Dickens heap verbally ironic sarcasm (e.g., "his sanctuary of sanctuaries" on p. 134) on Monseigneur?

  • 2.

    Why had Monseigneur taken his sister from a convent and married her off (below her social station) to a very rich Farmer-General?

3. What is the moral climate created by Monseigneur's guests?

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